Every traveler has a different method of having fun. Some people choose to explore a country’s history by trying its native coffee or by going to a museum, while others choose to visit the beach or the mountains. 

But isn’t experiencing a place’s uniqueness the best way to enjoy and have fun there? The Philippines has a ton of it, so here is a list of things and activities you can only do there.



Ride a Jeepney

The most popular mode of transportation in the Philippines, particularly in the city, is the jeepney. Jeeps left behind by Americans during its occupation are still present in jeepneys. Nowadays, jeepneys are renowned for carrying a large number of passengers despite their compact design. 

Prior to reaching the driver, the payments, which are typically made in coins, are handed from passenger to passenger. The Mountain Province is where you can try out jeepney riding if you so choose.


The largest pair of Shoes ever made

The Guinness Book of World Records acknowledged this enormous pair of shoes as the largest pair in the world in 2002. It took 10 people 77 days to painstakingly construct and can accommodate 30 people at once.

5.29 meters long, 2.37 meters broad, and 1.83 meters height make up each pair of shoes. The shoes apparently cost P2 million in total, which could be used to purchase numerous pairs of shoes in a standard size.


Bath in a large cooking pot

Tourists should never pass up the opportunity to take a relaxing dip in a big cooking pot, or kawa, at Tibiao, Antique, where they appear to be being cooked alive. The resorts and hotels in the area converted these poles, which were previously used to boil sugar, into jacuzzi tubs. This is a fantastic opportunity to unwind and spend time in nature following an adrenaline-inducing activity.


Tarsier of the Philippines

The Philippine tarsier (Tarsius syrichta), one of the tiniest primates in the world, is a nocturnal creature that can be found in the islands of Samar, Leyte, Bohol, and Mindanao.

The Philippine tarsier is not, in actuality, “the world’s smallest monkey,” despite what some people believe. The anthropoid suborder includes monkeys. On the other hand, because of their similar resemblance to lemurs and lorises, tarsiers are frequently categorized as prosimians.


Bike in the air

In the Philippines, biking is nothing new. However, it is worth checking out if you are bike 150 feet up. In addition to the Tarsiers and the Chocolate Hills, one of Bohol’s attractions is bicycling through the air. You must cycle your bike alone 500 meters via a distance rope. Naturally, you will see Bohol’s picturesque splendor from above while you’re doing it.


Climbing El Nido’s limestone

El Nido is more than just an idyllic destination for island hopping and viewing the magnificent little and large lagoons. There is a huge limestone in the town that can be climbed all the way to the top. But getting there is not a simple task. 

As there are no cement pavements, you must hand climb it, which calls for endurance. The effort will be worthwhile once you reach the top since you will be treated to a breathtaking view of the South China Sea, the islands, and the tranquil beauty of the town.


Sizzling Sisig

A common Filipino cuisine called sisig is typically made by slicing cooked pig’s ears and liver, then serving it with chile peppers and a sour liquid—typically calamansi or vinegar—along with other ingredients. Sisig is a Kapampangan word that literally translates to “snack on something sour.”

Interesting fact: Lucita Cunanan, widely known as the “Sisig Queen,” is credited with creating the cuisine in the 1970s. Her renowned pork dish helped make Angeles, Pampanga, as well as the entire country, famous. Cunanan tragically died in 2008 after being beaten to death at home.


Tiniest edible fish in the world is the sinarapan

The Guinness Book of World Records named the sinarapan (Mistichthys luzonensis) as the tiniest fish ever captured for commercial purposes. It is native to Lake Buhi on the Bicol River and is only found in the Philippines. The sinarapan is a kind of goby that has a 12.5 millimeter-long transparent body. Currently, overuse of its environment is putting it in danger of being extinct.

The sinarapan may be the “smallest fish for food,” but it is not the smallest fish ever discovered. The dwarf pygmy goby (Pandaka pygmaea), also known as tabios locally, which is frequently seen in the Philippines and Indonesia, receives this recognition.


Throw plates in a fit of rage

One solution is to be violent and toss items you see to relieve tension when life throws issues at you. In a Tarlac restaurant, you can purchase the pleasure. You can let out any pent-up angst in Isdaan restaurant’s Tacsiyapo wall by throwing plates against it. Additionally, you may throw TVs, radios, and glasses! When you aim at your target, you should yell “shame on you,” which is a tacsiyapo.


Dining by the falls

The Philippines offers a variety of dining options. You can eat outside, in tall structures, or while enjoying a picnic in a park. However, there is one eating experience you really must have, and that is dining next to a waterfall. You may eat adjacent to the falls at the Villa Escudero Waterfall Restaurant. Choose from mouthwatering meat meals and seafood on their menu. Families are most likely to visit this location.



The tamaraw or Mindoro dwarf buffalo (Bubalus mindorensis), which is only found in the Philippines and specifically on the island of Mindoro, has been listed as severely endangered since 2000.

It’s interesting to note that the tamaraw is not a variation of the more well-known carabao. Tamarind has different facial patterns and shorter, V-shaped horns than the latter.


“Poong Nazareno” (The Black Nazarene)

Jesus Christ is seen on the famous life-size statue known as the “Poong Nazareno” bearing the cross to the cross. The statue allegedly had fair skin at first, but after being consumed by the fire inside a ship during the Manila galleon expedition from Mexico, it turned black.

The statue, also known as the Black Nazarene, is today revered in the Quiapo Church. Its numerous followers believe it to be magical.

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Every nation in the world has something special to offer, but the Philippines tops the list of things you can only find there. Discover the Philippines right away to admire and be impressed by everything that it has to offer visitors.

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