CTPL stands for Compulsory Third Party Liability Insurance, a mandatory requirement of the Land Transportation Office (LTO) when renewing your vehicle certificate of registration.

The CTPL does not cover the driver of the insured car, which is a popular misconception. The CTPL only protects third parties, leaving the motor vehicle owners unprotected. Third parties include anyone who is not a member of the insured’s family or employee and is not a passenger.

Although a CTPL is not the same as comprehensive auto insurance, some owners believe it can be used in its place. A comprehensive car insurance policy is more comprehensive than a Third Party Liability CTPL because it covers vehicle loss and/or damage, excess bodily injury, property damage, no-fault death indemnity, and auto passenger personal injury.

CTPL Insurance for LTO registration
As a result, any regulated non-life insurance company can supply you with CTPL insurance, provided that they are licensed with the Insurance Commission. Several different providers have almost similar CTPL insurance prices.

When compared to the troubles you can encounter on the road, CTPL insurance is a bargain. For private automobiles, you’ll need to pay up to PhP1000.00 and for motorbikes, you’ll need to pay the actual value of PhP500.00 for a one-year policy. Private automobiles can pay PhP3,000.00 for three years of coverage, while motorbikes can spend maximum reimbursable fees of PhP1000.00.

The CTPL solely covers third-party harm or death. It does not cover the insured motor vehicle and driver’s damages, nor any harm to third-party properties. In a vehicle-related collision, the insurance company agrees to pay for a third party’s medical expenses, physical harm, or death under Third Party Liability (CTPL). They do not, however, cover property loss or damage.

CTPL Insurance Coverage and Benefits

Annual coverage against liability for accidental death or bodily injury of third parties arising from motor vehicle accidents resulting from the fault/negligence of the assured or any authorized driver.

The maximum reimbursable fees of CTPL insurance is one hundred thousand pesos only (100,000 pesos) per year for third-party liability, subject to the schedule of indemnities.

What is the CTPL insurance coverage amount and duration:

The basic CTPL shields the vehicle owner from any potential third-party liability arising from bodily injury and/or death caused by an accident involving the covered vehicle. This coverage provides up to P100,000 in immediate medical expenses to the victim and his family. The CTPL coverage, like your automobile registration, is only valid for a year, which is why you must renew your CTPL insurance every year in order to register your private cars.

General Exclusions

  • Any mishap that occurs outside the Philippines
  • While the vehicle is being utilized in a manner that is not in compliance with the vehicle’s restrictions.
  • When the car is being driven by someone who is not an authorized driver.
  • Flooding, typhoons, earthquakes, and other natural disasters, as well as the threat of conflict
  • Liability Assumed
  • Strikes, Riots and Civil Commotion.

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Who qualifies as a third party

To grasp this concept, you must first comprehend the distinction between a third party and a passenger, as they cannot both exist at the same time. 

According to the legislation, a third party is anyone other than the passenger who is not associated with the car owner’s residence, family, or place of job. Friends and those who aren’t related to you are therefore regarded as third parties.

A passenger, on the other hand, is anyone who either pays for the transportation or is permitted by law or the operator to ride the insured car without paying a fare. This is especially true with government and public utility vehicles.

Total Premium per Vehicle Classification

Type of VehiclePremium in Php
Private Car (sedan, hatchback)560*
SUV, AUV, Commercial Vehicle Light Medium (less than 3,930 kgs)740*
Heavy Trucks1,200*

*plus actual value taxes and charges

Apply for your CTPL online

Add a layer of protection from unexpected financial obligations one may encounter while using your vehicle on the road.

Follow these easy steps to apply online:

Fill out the online application form.

Pay through bank deposit or online transfer.

Receive your authenticated COC (Confirmation of Cover) and copy of policy through email.

Get your CTPL policy through AllCASH

Another way to secure your CTPL insurance policy and COC is through AllCASH located inside AllDay Supermarkets.

Bring a copy of your OR/CR to any AllCASH branch

Pay the premium to the front-line associate

Receive your authenticated COC (Confirmation of Cover) and payment receipt

Our Insurance Partners are all Land Transportation Office (LTO) Accredited.

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