Born from sheer entrepreneurial spirit, MGS Corporation, Inc. started in 1975.

It evolved from trucking and construction materials supplier and has grown to be a large venture, which diversified into the construction, manufacturing and trading businesses. The company has put up subsidiaries in order to cater to the diverse demands of its various market segments.

From the construction business, MGS General Insurance Agency Services, Inc. was incorporated to cater all the insurance needs of MGS Construction and later on its affiliated companies. It provides insurance services on bonds, fire and allied lines, motor vehicle, personal accident, casualty, liability, engineering, marine cargo, surety and micro insurance.

MGS Insurance is a duly licensed insurance agency of the top insurance companies in the Philippines namely, Mapfre Insular, Malayan Insurance, Prudential Guarantee and Assurance Inc.

Today, being ranked as number 1 insurance agency in all our insurance partners’ respective Alabang branches, it widely serves outside clienteles as it has been aggressively competing with other agencies by providing essential and innovative risk transfer tools and cost effective products and services.

MGS Insurance is guided by its mission and vision, and is led by non-negotiable core values.


MGS Insurance is committed to excellence and constantly striving to provide our clients cost effective protection through best practices and outstanding customer service and nurturing synergy and work life balance for its employees.


To be the company of choice for insurance needs by being innovative and financially strong.

Corporate Values


MGS believes in encouraging every employee to be trustworthy. Issues and concerns amongst the member and clients are openly discussed with their immediate heads and/or the group to be resolved.


MGS has a simple flat organization to encourage easy access to officers and facilitate quick decision making. Team building activities are mandatory to promote camaraderie and open communication is highly fostered.

Cost Consciousness / Concern for company assets

The company always considers the “value for money” without sacrificing quality.

Competitive Spirit

MGS always aims to be the best or be at par with other leading providers.

Closeness to customers

Our customers are our clients, affiliates and fellow colleagues. Everyone receives excellent customer service, courtesy and urgency in responding to any concerns.

Awards Received

2022 Qualifier

Certificate of Achievement

may 2022 top agent Award

Certificate of Achievement

2022 trebol awards

1st Place Agency Category


2021 el circulo award

2021 Qualifier

2021 Trebol Awards

2nd Place
Agency Category

2019 Malayan Qualifier

2019 Qualifier

2019 Malayan Best in Motorcar

2019 Best in Motorcar

Agency Category

2018 Malayan Qualifier

2018 Qualifier

2018 Best in Motorcar

2018 Best in Motorcar

Agency Category

2017 Top Producer

Certificate of Achievement
4th Placer
Agency Category

2017 Top Producer

Certificate of Recognition
Alabang Branch

2017 Top Producer

4th Place
Agency Category

2017 Qualifier

2016 Top Producer Award

2016 Top Producer

4th Place
Agency Category

2016 Rookie of the Year

Agency Category