The surf capital of the Philippines, named after a local mangrove, is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, whether you prefer softer activities like swimming in rock pools and caves or adrenaline-fueled adventure sports. There is plenty of opportunity to unwind because life is focused on the white-sand beaches.

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Culture & Food

Siargao boasts a diverse dining scene that embraces foreign culinary, vegan and another healthy cuisine, and indigenous cuisines with or without a modern touch. The island draws adventurous travelers from all over the world, many of whom are on a low budget. 

Filipino favorites not to be missed include the seafood brawl at Daku Island and the unusual Pan de Surf bread, which is shaped like a surfboard. Talking to locals is the best method to figure out where to go because Siargao has a vibrant nightlife scene that is concentrated on different bars on different nights of the week. 

Bravo, RumBar, Viento, and the Jungle Shack have frequented locations. Another way to get to know locals is through their love of karaoke, both in their own homes and in dedicated bars.


Siargao’s Top Things To Do!


Pick up a board. With its numerous surf schools, Jacking Horse is a great site for novices, but Cloud 9’s thick, hollow “barrels” have earned it a spot among the top 10 waves in the world for experts.

Board for Diving at Club Tara Resort

Our tour guide parked the car at a dock leading to a resort that had a somewhat strange appearance. It did have a 5-meter diving board, though. Too well did they know us. It was covered in water after 30 flips and crash landings, but we had a blast nonetheless! If your guide is willing, attempt to stop here without a doubt.

A sizable lake, whose name I cannot recall, is located behind the resort. Make the five-minute trek over the hill to experience the tranquility for yourself.

Sunrise and Sunsets

Alternatively, you can enjoy the activity from the Cloud 9 boardwalk’s observation area and observe the sunrise or sunset or the night sky.

Island Hopping

Visit Guyam, Daku, and Naked Island when island-hopping.

Sugba Lagoon

Go to the mountain-rimmed Sugba Lagoon, where you may rent a wooden raft and a SUP paddleboard in addition to using a diving board from a floating cabin.

Cliff Jumping

Do the Tarzan Jump on the Maasin River or go cliff jumping and explore the caverns and coves of Magpupungko Rock Pools. Visit the Maasin viewpoint to witness the breathtaking sight of the coconut plantation on the island.

Corregidor Island Tour

Just 45 minutes away from Siargao by boat is the idyllic tropical island of Corregidor Island, popularly referred as Casolian Island. Be sure to include the Corregidor trip in your plans so that you may discover the breathtaking scenery and vibrant coral reefs that are present here.

Tayangban Cave Pools

Enjoy swimming and floating by torchlight while bats fly around you at Tayangban Cave Pools.

Jellfish Sanctuary

The Jellyfish Sanctuary is the next destination on the Sohoton Cove itinerary.

After being divided into pairs, we boarded a guide-led, smaller wooden boat and were paddled to the Jellyfish Sanctuary. As we got there, we dove right in and noticed hundreds of tiny orange jellyfish floating about. They are safe to touch and they are non-stinging jellyfish.

Taktak Waterfall

Go to Taktak Waterfall for further exploring, cliff jumping, and tree jumping. You can also watch the sun set from Santa Monica Pier or laze about on the white sands of Alegria beach.

Magpupungko Rockpool

Tidal, or only accessible at low tide when they are exposed, are the Magpupungko Rock Pools.

Due to safety concerns, if you come to Magpupungko during high tide, you won’t be able to observe the natural pools or even be allowed access. If you don’t plan your trip to Magpupungko properly, you’ll be let down. Click Here to view the Magpupungko tide times in advance.

The Magpupungko Rock Pools have a nominal entrance fee of 50 pesos. Magpupungko is a place where you can easily spend a couple of hours enjoying some cliff jumping, swimming in the natural pools, and exploring the nearby rocky shoreline.

Swinging Palm Trees in Siargao

Since it was stumbled upon in 2017 on the Maasin River in Siargao, the palm tree swing has amassed a large following on Instagram. Be sure to include this incredible palm tree rope swing in your itinerary if you’re searching for the ultimate experience.

Island of Guyam

Guyam Island is the last stop on the island-hopping tour. Guyam Island is the first place that springs to me when I think of a tropical island or a paradise. This tiny island in the midst of the ocean is encircled by gleaming white sand and a thin, rocky reef, and it is covered in a miniature forest of coconut palm trees.

A place to Reside in Siargao

General Luna: The majority of guests stay in and around General Luna, which is home to more than 100 hotels, hostels, and homestays as well as the majority of the bars, restaurants, and starting places for boat trips.

Del Carmen and Pacifico Beach are more sedate choices. There aren’t any major hotel chains here, and the majority of the properties forbid single-use plastic.

Going there and Leaving


Domestic airlines travel daily to the island from Cebu, Davao, and Manila, taking around an hour, an hour and a half, and two hours and thirty minutes, respectively.


Although there are also multi-person habal-habal motorcycle-taxis, tricycle-taxis, self-drive or escorted mini-multicabs, most people rent a moped or a motorcycle to explore.


There are also indirect ferries from Cebu if you have time to spare and a very limited budget (11hrs, including transfers).


If you have any questions regarding what to do on Siargao Island, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and I will respond as soon as I can. I hope this travel guide finds you well.

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