We are hoping to see more latitude when it comes to holiday places now that school is back in session (for some, at least). The summer capital of the Philippines and a longtime favorite destination for the cool wind and landscape, Baguio, has to be one of the most well-known.

Whether you like to acknowledge it or not, Baguio never fails to astonish you and make you feel like you don’t want to return to your home in Manila, no matter how many times you visit. There are still plenty of reasons why people keep returning to Baguio, despite the fact that changes and development.

Here are a few of them for you:



People from all across the Philippines and different cultures coexist in Baguio City. Like us, most of them are immigrants from other Philippine provinces who eventually fell in love with and made Baguio their home. This explains the widespread use of the Ilocano dialect in the city. 

A small percentage of them are from Bicol, Pampanga, the VisMin region, and Manila. A considerable percentage of them are from the Ilocos region, which includes the Ilocos Norte and Sur, La Union, Pangasinan, Isabela, and Cagayan.

The Ibalois, who live in the province’s southeast, and the Kankanaeys, who live in Benguet’s northeast, are said to have been the city’s first settlers. Ifugao, Kalinga, and other Igorot tribes from the surrounding Mountain Province are among the permanent residents of Baguio.


Country Songs

Baguio City has been dubbed “Marlboro Country” by some. Yep, that advertisement with the cowboy smoking a Marlboro. We’re not referring to smoking here; rather, we’re referring to the country and western aesthetic that is ingrained in the minds of our Igorot brothers in Baguio. Baguio City is reminiscent of the cowboy states in the US in that it has country-style surroundings, cowboys riding horses, and, to top it all off, country and folk music blaring on the radio. Country and folk music are equally popular among the locals as the AlDub phenomenon.

There is also a nearby radio station that only plays country and folk music. Also, this city hosts a yearly cowboy event.



The city’s chilly weather, particularly from the start of the holiday season through the month of February, is synonymous with Baguio City. Where else in the Philippines can you find free air conditioning that is available all the time? Indeed, it only exists in Baguio. 

A trip to Baguio would undoubtedly make good use of whatever heavy jackets and scarves you have lying around in your closets or drawers that you haven’t even tried yet. The best time to go and feel Baguio’s cold is from December to February, when you’ll likely wake up shivering and with achy joints.

During those months, the temperature might drop as low as 8 degrees Celsius, which is ideal for procrastinating and cuddling!



Baguio City is the ideal spot for nature enthusiasts to escape the hectic metropolis life. Clean air, a delicious pine scent, and a breathtaking mountain vista. Should I say more? 

Living in this city can cause a nature overload. It’s time to reenergize our worn-out bodies and give our lungs a break from air pollution.




When in Baguio, the cuisine can be just as reviving as the surroundings. The majority of the restaurants in Baguio employ organic foods, which are referred recognized as such in their menus. directly into the kitchen after leaving the farm. 

Talking about crisp salads, hmm. Also, when visiting Baguio, make sure not to pass up the chance to indulge in regional specialties like the Pinikpikan with Etag, Pinuneg, or Watwat.


Flower Festival in Baguio

Every February, the entire city comes together for Panagbenga, also known as the Baguio Flower Festival. Although the celebration lasts for a month, the peak is typically shown during the final week. 

With its modest beginnings in 1995, the event has grown into a premier exhibition of skills, culture, and goods. Enjoy the festive atmosphere, especially during the Session Road in Bloom, the Float Parade, and the Street Dancing.



Baguio strawberries’ deliciousness is impossible to resist. If you have a hankering for this tiny bunch of sweetness, a trip to the local strawberry farm in La Trinidad or the city’s public market will more than likely sate it.

Due to the city’s temperate environment, which encourages strawberry growth, strawberries are unique to the area. Seasonal variations in prices are possible.



When you visit Baguio, there is just something that draws you in and makes you want to return again and again. The atmosphere may be one factor in this. Some claim that the atmosphere in Baguio is similar to that in Paris or Venice, and we all know that those two locations are among the most romantic locations on earth. 

Here in Baguio, you can find love or rediscover a past romance. As in “That Thing Called Tadhana,” let Baguio be the silent observer of your love story.


Second-Hand Garments

Welcome to the Philippines’ ukay ukay capital. Imagine a small city where there is an ukay ukay depot in every corner and possible business location. Well, that is how things are here and only in Baguio. Most of us are unaware of the real origins of this million peso enterprise. 

When we initially arrived, it was already there in the early 1980s and gained momentum in the mid-1990s to the present. I have even witnessed prominent movie stars from Manila traveling to Baguio in search of affordable, branded apparel.


Coexist Harmoniously

Baguio continues to have the charming feel it had in the past, even with all the development that is currently taking place there, especially when you visit the locations or tourist destinations that you grew up going. These neighborhood hangouts include Café by the Ruins, Casa Vallejo, Hillstation, and Cam John Hay, among others. 

It is consoling to know that despite the city’s rapid infrastructural development, there are still enough locations in Baguio that you can check out while taking in a hot cup of cocoa and find them just as they were when you last visited. 



Baguio is always the first choice of location for families and friends who would want to spend many days relaxing in mild weather as opposed to lazing by the beach. Even if you’ve been around the city a few times already, there is still a ton lot do there. Even if you only want to do more activities, you can end up wishing to stay an extra day.



Here in Baguio, these and other beautiful things are awaiting you. Pack your bags right away and travel right to Baguio for the experience and holiday of a lifetime. Hopefully, see you here in Baguio City!

But before you depart, get travel insurance to ensure your safety and let you fully enjoy all of your travel-related obligations.

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