Spend the night close to nature at an eco-friendly hotel and wake up to the sound of a waterfall in Surigao del Sur or monkeys in Batangas. It might occasionally be difficult to find a specific accommodation that also promotes a healthy environment. 

But, by booking sustainable lodging, it is feasible to travel with less of an environmental impact. MGS insurance website would gladly share many amazing eco-friendly hotels with you so that you can have a more environmentally friendly stay.

The Philippines offers a wide range of fun activities. You can travel to Cebu City to witness the breathtaking Kawasan Falls or go to Oslob to swim with whale sharks. The Underground River, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, is famous in Palawan. You should take a flight to the Boracay Islands for its pure white beaches, thrilling activities, and attractive nightlife. Its capital, Manila, is a bustling city with high-rise structures and contemporary attractions. 

The top eco-friendly hotels in the Philippines are listed below in case you are organizing a trip soon. Browse at your leisure below:


Two Seasons Coron Island Resort and Spa (Coron, Palawan)

At Coron, Palawan, there is a 5-star eco-friendly resort called Two Seasons Coron Island Resort and Spa. While the resort’s opulent villas provide air conditioning and flat-screen TVs as modern conveniences, it also takes time to invest in its surroundings.

The resort powers its water heaters with solar energy to reduce unnecessary emissions. They also keep up their sewage and desalination systems. Seawater is transformed at their desalination facility into nonpotable water that can be used for showering.


El Nido Resorts Group (Palawan)

Four resorts make up the El Nido Resorts Group, which are spread over four separate Palawan islands. Namely, Miniloc, Lagen, Apulit, and Pangalusian Islands. These El Nido resorts are some of the greatest 5-star hotels in the Philippines because of the clear waters and lush trees that surround them. As a result of the eco-friendly practices that have been implemented at each site, they are also regarded as role models for sustainable tourism in the nation.

The beach is a top draw for visitors as a tropical escape. Via their Marine Ecosystems Preservation and Protection program, the crew goes above and above to look after these coasts and the animals that may be found there. This includes protecting sea turtle nests, constructing eco-reefs, and cleaning up the coastline. The resorts also take pleasure in operating sustainably by keeping up with their sewage and water systems.

Also, each resort features a private beach, outdoor pools, fitness facilities, and other first-rate amenities ideal for a luxurious family getaway. Yet couples can also benefit from the resorts’ exclusive atmosphere, especially those who book Philippine honeymoon packages.


Containers by Eco Hotel

Book lodging at Container by Eco Hotel if you’re traveling to Tagaytay to take in the splendor of Taal Lake and sample the area’s top-notch cuisine. This sustainable hotel is an architectural marvel, with recycled and eco-friendly furniture, displays, and other materials used throughout the establishment. It has a patio where you can take in the spectacular views, a fantastic restaurant on site, a spa, and cozy family rooms with a flat-screen TV, WiFi, and air conditioning.


Circle Hostel

Eco-friendly lodging can be found at Circle Hostel in San Juan, La Union. Known as the “Surfing Capital of the North” because of the year-round waves that consistently crash on its shores, this seaside province is situated in the northern part of the Luzon region. Moreover, it is only 270 Kilometers from Manila, the capital of the Philippines, making it a favorite destination for weekend getaways.

The Circle Hostel uses eco-bricks, which are recycled plastic bottles filled with plastic debris like wrappers, to help maintain the most popular La Union tourist destinations, such as the province’s beaches. The walls of non-weight-bearing constructions are constructed by stacking these eco-bricks horizontally and covering them with cement. Throughout their stay, visitors are urged to contribute by collecting all of their plastic waste in a plastic bottle.

The hostel has 53 beds altogether spread throughout 2 bunkhouses, along with sustainable efforts. Also, there is a communal space where you can lounge on the floor or unwind in a hammock while enjoying the breeze. The hostel is best suitable for single travelers, couples, or groups of friends that wish to mingle with other visitors because it does not have any private rooms.


Fundacion Pacita Batanes Nature Lodge (Batanes)

A charming resort by the name of Fundacion Pacita Batanes Nature Lodge is perched among the hills of Basco town in Batanes. Large stones that are typical of Batanese dwellings make up the majority of the entire construction. 

Due to its location in the far north of the Philippines, Batanes has become a well-liked destination for people looking to escape the city. It is most known for the Batanes tourist attractions, which include undulating hills, unhindered sea vistas, and a relaxed way of life for the residents.

Owing to the resort’s distant location, the crew primarily buys ingredients from nearby farms. This not only enables them to reduce carbon emissions but also guarantees that they can prepare their meals with the finest ingredients.

They all have comfortable interiors, en suite bathrooms, and well-equipped rooms. You may also see Patricia Abad’s artwork on exhibit in various locations because the resort was originally built as her vacation residence. Couples looking to spend quality time together might consider the resort’s seclusion, tranquil ambiance, and mouthwatering cuisine.


Mandala Spa and Resort Villas (Boracay)

As one of Asia’s top eco-friendly spa resorts, Mandala Spa and Resort Villas have established a reputation. The resort is located on Station 3 of Boracay Island, which is well-known for its breathtaking White Beach, a stretch of white sand.

The resort upholds a number of environmentally friendly standards. One of the most famous programs is their on-site restaurant’s adherence to the farm-to-table philosophy. The resort’s organic farm provides the majority of the restaurant’s ingredients.

In an effort to protect the environment, the resort’s management started planting trees in 2001. Mandala received the ASEAN Green Hotel Award and was acknowledged as the first green spa in the Asia Pacific area as a result of their initiatives. When staying a night or two in one of the resort’s hilltop villas, guests may also make use of the lush gardens, which are located just 700 meters from White Beach.


Atmosphere Resort and Spa (Dauin, Negros Oriental)

Atmosphere Resort and Spa offers travelers a holistic experience with its top-notch wellness treatments. Known as the “City of Gentle People,” Dumaguete is home to friendly locals who will gladly point you to its historical structures, immaculate beaches, and diving spots like Apo Island. It is known for its prime location on the diving spot Dauin, Negros Oriental, and close to Dumaguete’s shores.

The resort employs a number of environmental policies, such as using solar power units to heat water, installing energy-saving air conditioning units, and giving guests reusable aluminum water bottles. The staff works to provide their guests with a restful stay, but the staff also follows sustainable practices to reduce their operations’ impact on the environment.


The San Benito Farm (Batangas)

The Farm at San Benito, one of the best wellness resorts in the Philippines and a top-rated luxury hotel, provides wellness services and has tastefully decorated villas. The resort is situated in the Batangas province, which is well-known for its beaches and resorts. The Farm at San Benito is located in Batangas, a province known for its lush greenery in addition to its sandy beaches.

By employing sustainable methods all around the region, this five-star hotel protects its natural surroundings. The most notable is their dedication to farm-to-table dining, which they demonstrate by producing their products in organic gardens. The Farm also uses plants in its award-winning health treatments in addition to employing them in its plant-based cuisine.

After a filling lunch and rejuvenating treatments, you can unwind in one of their accommodations. Villas and suites with private pools are among the lodging options available to visitors. This is one of the most sought-after locations for couples wishing to reconnect with themselves because it is an exclusive healing retreat.


Amarela Hotel (Bohol)

In the province of Bohol, Amarela Resort is located along the Libaong Beach shoreline. This island province in the Central Visayas is well-known for its natural wonders, including the recognizable Chocolate Hills. You may reach the resort’s own beach and enjoy a panoramic view of the Bohol Sea from the Amarela Resort.

The resort goes above and above to preserve its surroundings in terms of ecology. Amarela Resort employs a number of environmentally friendly techniques, including composting, water recycling through rainwater collecting, and the segregation of solid waste. The ASEAN Green Hotel Award was given to it, and because of its efforts, it is now one of the best green hotels in the Philippines.

Amarela encourages farm-to-table dining by growing their own veggies on their organic farm, in addition to having some of the greatest environmentally friendly policies in hotels. You can select from seven different types of lodging when making a reservation here, and each one has eco-friendly architecture and regional artwork. 

This resort is ideally suited for small families with children who seek a change of scenery from their regular lives because of its serene mood and gorgeous outlook.


Lotus Shores Yoga and Surf Retreat (Siargao)

Visitors to Siargao Island can find calm and reconnection with nature at Lotus Shores Yoga and Surf Retreat. One of the best surfing spots in the Philippines is Siargao. Lotus Shores takes great delight in designing a getaway that blends well with the natural surroundings.

They put their dedication to the environment into action by cooking using veggies from their garden. The retreat team uses organic farming practices to raise their vegetables, ensuring that the harvests are free of any harmful chemicals.

In addition to serving wholesome meals to visitors, the retreat offers yoga courses to help everyone reconnect with their environment. By selecting a location in their shared room, solo travelers can find consolation here without spending too much money.

All-inclusive vacationers can also reserve Siargao tour packages for a stress-free getaway. While waiting, couples looking to embark on a getaway together can pick from one of our romantic vacation packages.


H20 Hotel

The gorgeous eco-friendly hotel is a short drive from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport and situated close to the famed Luneta Park. Also, it is close to some of the city’s best restaurants and most popular sights. The hotel’s rooms feature gorgeous aquarium-themed décor, WiFi, complete air conditioning, and wonderful in-room amenities. From here, you can also take in Manila Bay’s splendor. 

The modern exercise center, outdoor pool, on-site eating options, and spa and wellness center are the cherry on top.


Crusoe Cottages (Batangas)

Among some of the greatest Batangas beach resorts and beach resorts close to Manila, Crusoe Cabins is a beachfront property that stretches along the coasts of Calatagan in Batangas, which is only approximately 100 Kilometers from Manila City. The property has made sure that the cabins mix in with their natural surroundings through their design, as they are located in one of the easily accessible beach spots close to the city.

The resort’s utilization of repurposed container vans, which they turned into guest cabins, is its most notable design decision. The resort not only gives these container vans a second chance at life but also revitalizes them by giving them a new style that fits the beachy atmosphere utilizing rustic decor. The resort has created tree-lined paths and bike lanes outside the cabins to help keep the property naturally shielded from direct sunshine while giving visitors scenic views.


West 35 Eco Mountain Resort (Cebu)

The West 35 Eco Mountain Resort, located atop Balamban Town’s mountains in Cebu Province, offers an unmatched perspective of the area’s natural environment. This coastal province in the Philippines’ Visayas area is home to beautiful highlands, white sand beaches, and historical landmarks.

The resort’s personnel established an on-site vegetable farm to encourage sustainable farming because it is surrounded by lush trees and vegetation. The food prepared at the resort’s restaurant is then made with the produce they grow.

In addition to farming, this eco-tourism destination encourages a love of nature through its viewing decks, which offer a beautiful 360-degree view of the nearby mountains and forests. Even better, visitors may ride the resort’s zipline to soar above the foliage.

The resort is a great place for large parties or families to holiday because its largest accommodations can accommodate nine people. To view the many tourist attractions in Cebu, combine your holiday with a Cebu tour package.




The preservation of natural resources is significantly impacted by the usage of eco-friendly hotel services. Ecotourism has also become one of the markets with the fastest growth rates in the world. The need for environmentally friendly houses is rising. It enables individuals to respect and revel in the beauty of nature. 

Also, it fosters a sense of empowerment in protecting the environment. There isn’t a method that is universally accepted; rather, it involves defining what sustainability means to your business and putting it into practice.

In line with this, one necessary thing to do before starting to visit these sustainable hotels is to acquire “Travel Insurance” for a safety net on every travel.