Recent years have seen an increase in the popularity of intimate weddings, giving couples the chance to truly celebrate this intimate occasion with only the closest of their loved ones.

Your wedding will be the biggest occasion of your life. It’s an important event that commemorates your relationship with your significant other and ushers in your new life as a married couple. It only makes sense to have it someplace special—specifically, in a memorable location that you can remember for a very long time.

These days, destination weddings are popular. In spite of the fact that it might cost them more than a standard church or a nearby municipal hall would, couples go above and beyond to find the ideal location. To be able to afford a more upscale and scenic setting for your dream wedding, you must put money down.

The top intimate wedding locations in the Philippines are listed here to aid in your decision-making.

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

Just a few hours from Manila, Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar will transport you back in time. The colonial houses and cobblestone walkways of the heritage resort vividly reenact the Hispanic-Filipino past of the nation. All of your visitors will be fascinated by this stunningly stunning location’s Old Manila charm.

There are many locations to get married in the park, including colonial houses that can be rented for events, open-air areas by the river that can hold a variety of guest counts, and an old church if you want to go the more traditional route.


Ilaya Highland Resort, Bacolod

Why not keep it low-key at Ilaya Highland Resort in Bacolod when the large weddings are probably taking place in The Ruins or at Punong Gary’s Place? Only a few of your closest friends and members of your immediate family should be invited to Ilaya Highland Resort for a weekend trip.

You can treat your future spouse and your guests to the amazing facilities at the resort in addition to having your wedding and reception on the seashore, which is both visually appealing and romantic. It won’t just be your wedding weekend; it may also be a holiday for the people you care about! On your special day, you and your companion will undoubtedly enjoy the ideal natural vacation!


Callao Cave, Cagayan Province

You can’t go wrong with a cave for your ceremony location if you’re serious about keeping your wedding a secret. Yes, there is a church cave, and you may find it in the province of Cagayan. It is not only eerily beautiful, but also has an interesting setting that would be ideal for a secret wedding.


Camiguin’s White Island

What a romantic idea it would be to exchange vows on a sandbar in the middle of the sea. This is undoubtedly the kind of wedding that childhood brides who wanted an intimate seaside ceremony will like!

Couples can organize a small to medium-sized ceremony on White Island in Camiguin for their big day. Just picture how stunning the pictures would look against the background of endlessly blue oceans.


Panglao, Bohol’s Donatela Hotel

Having trouble deciding between a garden or beach wedding? You can enjoy the very best of both worlds at Donatela Hotel in Panglao, Bohol! This boutique hotel is full of character and charm, with a view of the beach and a forest as its backyard.

Its modest size won’t be able to accommodate enormous groups, but it can definitely hold a small gathering of close friends and family. While they’re here, thank your visitors by treating them to a relaxing spa session!
Prepare yourself for outstanding service and a romantic atmosphere on one of the most significant days of your life if you wish to get married in the Philippines!



Why not think about exchanging your vows in the stunning Cordillera mountain setting of Sagada if you’re a couple planning an intimate wedding for just the two of you? You can choose to celebrate on top of a mountain, looking out over a sea of clouds, or nearby rice terraces. There is nothing more secretive and romantic than this, in our opinion!

As an alternative, The Anglican Church, which can accommodate a moderate number of visitors, is located in the mountain area. Perfect if you only want to spend this wonderful day with a small group of loved ones.


Batanes, Imnajbu

A cliffside wedding at Imnajbu, Batanes, is the stuff of fantasies if you’re looking for a beautiful yet private outdoor ceremony. The San Lorenzo Ruiz Chapel can hold a modest ceremony for fewer than thirty persons, enabling you to enjoy this special occasion with your nearest and dearest.

After that, you can take pictures by the cliffs while admiring the breathtaking Batanes scenery!


Antipolo’s Casa Bendita

We are happy to inform couples who have always imagined having a rustic outdoor wedding that they may discover at Casa Bendita in Antipolo! The venue is surrounded by nature despite being only a short distance from Manila, giving it the ideal setting for an outdoor wedding. Intimate gatherings work best in this setting, though couples are free to decorate it however they choose for whatever many guests they wish.


Iloilo’s Ephrathah Farm

The nearby glass church is unquestionably Ephrathah Farm’s crowning achievement. It’s a great location for a private wedding ceremony, especially if one of your must-haves is a magnificent church that can accommodate up to 120 people. So, if beauty and originality are what you’re looking for, come here.


Palawan’s El Nido, Lagen Island

It’s no secret that El Nido is a popular wedding destination for many engaged couples, and for good reason too! There are several tiny islands in El Nido where you can get married, and each one is home to a special kind of beauty.

Lagen Island is one of the aforementioned islands. It is located in a peaceful corner of El Nido and is bordered by the same stunning blue waters and high limestone mountains, providing the ideal setting for your wedding.




The atmosphere of your wedding is greatly influenced by the location of your wedding. The atmosphere will match the venue’s vibrant and cool vibe. Visitors will sense an atmosphere of solemnity and majesty and will behave accordingly.

Make sure to pick your venue thoughtfully and intentionally, taking into account its allure, its importance, and your personal budget. Ofcourse, don’t forget to acquire Travel Insurance to establish a safety net in your most memorable occasion for unexpected happenings.

Keep in mind to control your spending and refrain from overspending. To discover the ideal home for newlyweds and begin establishing your life as a married couple, you will need all the additional money you can save. Remain focused on the future and keep in mind that your wedding is just the beginning.

You must now get ready for an entirely new future.