Whether you’re a child, teen, adult, or even a senior citizen, traveling is an incredible experience. Traveling and acquiring enjoyable memories and experiences are always options. Every time you travel to a new location, indulge in a regional specialty, or attempt a new activity, you will always feel a sense of anticipation and wonder.

However, depending on who you’re traveling with, particularly if you intend to travel with your grandparents, there are specific constraints while organizing your next trip. When you are making your vacation plans, you need to take into account what they are able to accomplish and what they cannot.


Additionally, once you are at your destination, you’ll need to be able to foresee their unique needs. We can help if you’re unsure where to begin when organizing a trip for your grandparents. Here are the top destinations for senior travelers, each with a list of senior-friendly activities.



Palawan is a frequent mention among the Philippines’ senior-friendly vacation spots. One of the greatest destinations to travel with elderly parents is Palawan, which is famous for its

Underground River. Visit the Underground River to experience one of the new seven wonders of nature and be surprised. Seniors will also love it because they won’t have to traverse the 8.2 KM distance on foot because they’ll be aboard a boat.

TripAdvisor estimates that an adult day trip to the Underground River will cost PhP 2,300.

Make sure to take the elders in your group to Bakers Hill if you’re staying in Palawan for a few days so they may sample some of the island’s greatest baked goods. Crinkles, ube hopia, yema, and other items are sold in Bakers Hill. Be aware that Baker’s Slope involves a lot of uphill walking, so allow your family’s senior members time to relax as you go up and down the hill.



Bohol’s Chocolate Hills are well-known around the world. There are other hobbies, though, that are not only enjoyable but also suitable for seniors. Embark on a Loboc River cruise with your family.

A live band will serenade your family while you eat a buffet lunch and take in the stunning surroundings for PhP450 per person. At the conclusion of the voyage, local artists give a live performance on a floating platform.

The Cathedral De San Jose, one of Bohol’s largest churches and a church made of coral stone, and the Baclayon Church and Museum, both founded in 1596, are other excellent destinations to visit with elderly parents. The museum charges a PhP 50 admission fee, however the church is free to enter.



When people think of Vigan, their first thought is usually of its well-known longganisa. But Vigan also has a lot of other locations that are great for senior persons, such as Calle Crisologo. It’s a fine spot as any to feel what it was like to live during the Spanish era because it oozes with Spanish style elements and residences.

There are 1-hour flights from Manila to Laoag, followed by a 2-hour van ride to Vigan from the Laoag International Airport, if your family members don’t feel comfortable driving an 8-hour distance to Vigan with encountering rainy weather.

You can take your grandparents to the Syquia Mansion Museum, which was Doa Alicia Syquia Quirino’s residence in the 1800s, if they enjoy visiting art galleries and historical sites. It includes a reproduction of the Spolarium, Juan Luna’s well-known picture, and artifacts from the Spanish era. The museum’s entrance charge is PhP40.00 for kids and PhP50.00 for adults.



One of the best destinations to travel with family is Boracay. It’s ideal for travels with senior adults as well as for single travelers and family reunions. You may take your grandparents (or parents) on an incredible island-hopping adventure when you design your Boracay itinerary.

Depending on the size of your company, the cost of island hopping ranges from PhP 2,000 to PhP 4,350. Visit Crystal Cove to enjoy a picnic by the water and spend quality time with your family. If you want a beautiful Boracay beachfront without the crowds, you may also go to Puka Beach.

If your company is still addicted to the rush, you can plan an experience that will be both unforgettable and thrilling. Plan a 20-minute helicopter tour of Boracay for them so they may experience the island paradise from an entirely different perspective. For a group of three to four people, a helicopter flight from Klook costs PhP 4,400.

Always having a spot to unwind after a full day of Boracay experiences should be a priority on any list of senior travel advice. Every time they travel, your family deserves nothing but the utmost comforts.




Cebu, known as the “Queen City of the South,” is among the top destinations for trips with friends and family. Aside from the well-known Sinulog Festival, which takes place every January, you may visit Cebu at any time of the year to sample its incredible cuisine and sights. Visit the Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary to view the various butterfly and moth species in person.

If you’re lucky, you and your family might be allowed to enter the breeding cage, which is four meters square, and interact closely with some of the amazing butterflies. The sanctuary’s entry cost is P50 for adults and P25 for kids. Bring anti-allergy medication if any members of your family are sensitive to pollen, especially the elderly.

You can go to Tops Lookout if you want to end your day with the ideal view of the city. It has cafés that open at 4:00 p.m. and provides the best nighttime views of the city. You can hire a taxi for PhP1,000 to take your senior family members in luxury to Tops Lookout, saving them the trouble of having to walk there.

Don’t forget to try genuine Cebuchon and Pusô, a type of rice that is wrapped in banana leaves, while you’re there.


Senior Citizens’ Physical Fitness Activities when traveling

Any activity that promotes physical activity will assist you in developing your body. However, seek your doctor’s advice before beginning any new fitness program or physical activity.



Along abandoned interurban railway lines, many communities are constructing bike lanes. You may get directions to bike routes and even maps from your local or county parks department, or you can check Trail Link, the trails to rails conservancy, to see if there are any nearby.



Kayaking and canoeing are great activities for getting outside, moving, and taking in the scenery. The best part is that you don’t need to buy a boat. Everything you need can be rented from canoe liveries at affordable costs.



An excellent approach to start the day is with a stroll in your neighborhood, the mall, the beach, or your favorite park.

Combine walking with another activity for diversity, like bird watching, a treasure hunt, or letterboxing (an outdoor activity that combines hiking and treasure hunting). If you own a smartphone or handheld GPS, geocaching which is like letterboxing but uses GPS coordinates might be your thing.



A superb, low-impact workout can be obtained by strolling down the bank of your preferred stream or lake in pursuit of that elusive trout or catfish. You’ll get more workout than you can stand if you manage to catch a “keeper.”



Water may offer elders challenging and effective exercise, whether they are swimming vigorous laps or simply dog paddling around the pool. It is a fantastic way to improve circulation and, because it puts no strain on the joints, it is the ideal kind of exercise for people with arthritis.



You might play with pals at the neighborhood park or recreation center or join a senior league. Your physical condition and interests are the only factors limiting your choice of sports.

Several of the options include:

  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Croquet
  • Badminton
  • Softball



A fantastic aerobic activity is dancing. There are several options, such as ballroom dancing, line dance, tap dancing, and folk dancing. Try Zumba Gold if you enjoy dancing but don’t enjoy ballroom or tap. Zumba is a high-intensity dance workout with Latin influences, and the Gold version was created with seniors in mind. These classes are offered at gyms, community centers, and dance studios.



At first, the idea of traveling could seem daunting. So much needs to be packed. There are so many potential problems. The “what ifs” amplify and, for some people, even prevent them from seeing the world.

You and your loved ones can get ready for a stress-free trip with the aid of these senior travel destinations!