We understand that you want to go out again. The four walls of your home seemed too confined during the lengthy lockdowns in 2020 and 2021. You believe you should be given the same freedom you had before the pandemic now that there are fewer limitations on travel.

Of course, things aren’t precisely the same as they were before, and most likely never will be. You must still adhere to appropriate health precautions when you are outside, such as wearing a mask, often washing your hands, and carrying your vaccination record with you.

But now that many nations have loosened their travel restrictions, you’re already heading to the nation where flights from the Philippines cost the least.

Here is a list of nations where Filipino citizens can travel without a visa, with a visa waiver, or with a visa upon arrival. The coming of the new year heralds the beginning of fresh journeys. So, in order to satisfy your wanderlust, we’ve put up a list of fantastic places you may travel to with a passport from the Philippines.




The Angkor Wat, the greatest religious structure in the world, is located in Siem Reap. The holy complex is vast enough to be explored in one day and costs about 2,000 for a full day permit.

It is not surprising that travelers frequently observe Cambodia’s religion and culture given the fame of Angkor Wat. But Siem Reap’s attractions don’t end with its man-made buildings. Additionally, it provides unique experiences in its vibrant entertainment hubs, such as the Phare Circus. A more natural adventure can be found at the Phnom Kulen National Park, which is particularly renowned for its magnificent waterfall (adult entrance fee: around $1,130).

Jewelry, bamboo straws, lacquer goods, and other distinctive local things are available in Siem Reap for individuals who are addicted to buying at local markets. Still not convinced? Some hostels in the city provide lodging for as little as $400 per night. You won’t go without food either because their eateries offer lunches for as little as 170 yen.



This nation is renowned for being a top destination for travelers worldwide. Don’t be shocked if you spend half the time mixing with a diverse population if you’re planning a trip to Thailand. Thailand undoubtedly has a distinctive history and culture. However, it’s also a universal location where you may bring your own tales and bring those of others home.

Thailand is a fantastic destination for an international travel because it has something exciting to offer everyone. Take advantage of Chiang Mai’s vibrant nightlife when you want to party, its temple complexes when you want to get lost in stunning architecture, and its Night Bazaar when you want to do a little shopping.

For only 10,000, you may experience all of this and more. For Filipino visitors on a restricted budget, the well-known travel blog Pinoy Adventurista has a thorough trip guide. Sample expenses don’t include airfare, pasalubong, or other luxuries. However, you might argue that Thailand is one of, if not the cheapest countries in Asia to go, with a price tag of $10,000.


Hong Kong

Hong Kong is well-known among Filipinos seeking international travel because it is only less than three hours away from the Philippines. Families are particularly fond of the location because Hong Kong is the most accessible country for a trip to Disneyland.

But even those without kids can experience a touch of romance as they watch the Hong Kong skyline transform into something wonderful over the course of a night during A Symphony of Lights. Other well-known tourist destinations include Mong Kok, Victoria Peak, the Big Buddha, and Dragon’s Back Trail.

The Sham Shui Po Food Tour, the Central and Sheung Wan Food Tour, and the Tai Po Market Food Tour all give you a taste of Hong Kong’s cuisines, culture, and history all at once, making Hong Kong a terrific destination for foodies as well. The majority of establishments offer lunches for under 400 yen, despite the potential cost of an official food tour. For a little bit more than 1,000 per night, there are other hostels in the neighborhood.



It has consistently been a popular travel destination for Filipinos. We simply enjoy touring the numerous World Heritage sites spread out across this nation. Vietnam will undoubtedly appeal to you if antique towns and French colonial architecture interest you.

That’s right—for less than 20,000, you can spend a full week in Vietnam, airfare included, according to a reliable travel site called A Wonderful Sole. You will have plenty of time to take in all the wonderful and distinctive sites the nation has to offer.

You may take a boat over Halong Bay, see the ancient city of Hue, and take in the temple ruins at the My Son Sanctuary, a UNESCO World Heritage site. You can engage in a lot more activities in Vietnam than these. exciting, yes?


South Korea

The Philippines is very much a part of the Korean Wave, or hallyu, as shown by our love for K-pop, kimchi, and anything else Korean. It is not surprising that South Korea is one of the most popular travel destinations for Filipinos.

It might not be the most affordable nation in Asia to visit from the Philippines. If you know how to get the best bargains, South Korea is still rather inexpensive. Yes, compared to our other neighbors, it is well known for being on the more expensive side. However, the travel site Althea’s Adventures detailed how they managed to travel to South Korea for just 25,000.

All necessary expenses, including travel and lodging, are already covered by that budget. The schedule is also rather remarkable, with stops at Everland, Nami Island, Vivaldi Park Ski World, and N Seoul Tower.



Indonesia, the largest island nation in the world, is a tropical wonder. The archipelago is made up of various ethnic groups with various customs and languages, just as the Philippines. It also has some of the most stunning beaches in the entire globe.

Bali, one of Indonesia’s most beautiful islands, is also the most popular vacation spot in the nation. Bali is well known for its beautiful resorts, many of which have pools that look out over the island’s verdant jungles.

Although Bali offers beautiful scenery and thrilling activities, it is still one of the more affordable international holiday locations for Filipinos. Try their world-famous Luwak coffee (a cup costs about $200), learn to surf on their waves (surf lessons are estimated to cost $1,600/hour), or visit Nusa Penida’s magnificent scenery (adult entrance fees are estimated to cost $200). Budget motels can be found for as little as $300 per night, and meals start at about $120.



Singapore is one of the most expensive cities in the world, but it’s still very feasible to visit for less than 20,000. The trick is to reserve a hostel in the center of the city so you can freely roam around and explore the neighborhood. If you’re fortunate, you might be able to find a reasonably priced hotel room for less than 5,000 per night. However, if your reservation is at a location that is further away, don’t panic; Singapore’s commute isn’t too difficult.

Tourists can purchase special commute tickets for about $500 per day that include unlimited train and bus rides.

From the Esplanade Roof Terrace, take in the beauty of Singapore’s skyline and the Marina Bay Sands, or stroll through Little India and savor the delicious Indian food there. Of course, once you’re in Singapore, it’s entirely worthwhile to spend a little money on the city’s attractions.

Visit Sentosa Island City for free till December 31, 2022, have fun with animals at the Singapore Zoo (adult admission cost estimate: $2,700), or tour Universal Studios (adult entrance fee estimate: $2,300).



Laos may not be as well-known as other Southeast Asian nations as a travel destination, but it is undoubtedly a cool location to go if you’re seeking affordable foreign travel options for Filipinos. Beautiful buildings that showcase the distinctive culture of the nation may be seen in its capital, Vientiane, including the Patuxai Monument, the Pha That Luang (admission fee: 36), and the Sisaket Temple (entry fee: 36).

Vientiane is also surrounded by rivers and mountains. The Chao Anouvong Park is likewise open to the public without charge, and the Mekong River is a well-liked tourist attraction.

Hotels in Vientiane won’t set you back more than a thousand pesos, and you can eat there for less than the price of carinderia cuisine (about 150 pesos). Overall, Laos’s cost of living is manageable because it is so close to that of the Philippines.



You don’t have to starve yourself to death in order to live out your post-pandemic vacation dreams. If you’re frugal with your money, there are many places to visit—both domestically and abroad—that provide a variety of fun activities at reasonable prices.

Prior to your flight, make a budget and stick to it by only using your available funds. Get a travel loan if you genuinely need assistance with your expenses overseas so that you can travel with all you need.

Finally, remember to exercise caution! Remember that the pandemic is still ongoing and exercise caution when enjoying yourself through availing Travel Insurance.


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