For a variety of reasons, tourists flock to the Philippines. There are many natural beauties to explore, as well as a wide variety of great foods, stunning people, and rich culture and history. Some of nature’s most intriguing wonders can be found in the proud nation of the Filipino people. The stunning beaches, majestic mountains, forests, caverns, and rivers will certainly keep an adventurous fella busy.

One body of water consistently wins the hearts of numerous travelers from all around the world among these natural wonders. I’m referring to waterfalls, and fortunately, the Philippines is home to a huge number of them. There’s something about waterfalls that just makes us swoon. Spend the entire day simply gazing at the water falling from the cliff and entering the pool. A waterfall’s beauty can be appreciated from a distance, but experiencing one up close and personal is an adventure you won’t soon forget.

The islands of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao are known for having magnificent waterfalls that are tucked away in the middle of urban areas. We were actually educated about several amazing places when we were little, such as the Pagsanjan Falls and the Maria Cristina Falls. Additionally, there is a location known as “The City of Majestic Waterfalls” where you can explore a variety of natural treasures. In this city alone, there are over 23 waterfalls, 8 springs, and 15 caverns! Interesting, huh? There’s a lot more to learn, though, as we’ll discuss the top waterfalls in the Philippines today.


Tinago Falls, located in Lanao del Norte

The next item on the list is Iligan City, a gem tucked away within “The City of Majestic Waterfalls” itself. The Tinago Falls in Iligan City, Lanao del Norte are a top tourist destination because of their steadfast and unspoiled beauty, which serves as a pleasant gift to everyone who visits. As you can tell from their name, this place is essentially a hidden gem. It’s likely that you will produce the “oohs” and “ahhs” that fill the room, so don’t be shocked when it happens!

“Tinago” means “to be hidden” in Tagalog. And you’ll undoubtedly ask yourself, “Why would they keep such a lovely place hidden from us?” About 240 feet high, the breathtaking waterfall is flanked by stunning, enormous rock formations. Visitors can freely swim and ride rafts in the magnificent pool of blue-green water created by the Agus River.

One of the things that make Tinago Falls unique is its pristine and unspoiled state; perhaps the gods purposefully concealed it so that mankind wouldn’t get a chance to ruin it. In order for our children and grandchildren to also have the opportunity to enjoy Tinago Falls, please be considerate visitors and safeguard this natural treasure when you are out and about in the vicinity.

Falls at Asik-Asik (Cotabato)

The province of Cotabato is where we will be traveling next. Another recently discovered hidden gem is Asik-Asik Falls. It is claimed that the waterfall was only recently discovered in 2010 as a result of reports from curious people that a particular mountain discharges water sprinklings into a river. The locals think that a string of natural disasters is what finally brought the waterfall into view.

There is nothing but beauty in the Asik-Asik Falls landscape. It’s like looking at a huge piece of water-soaked green rock! The view is even more breathtaking when the waters eventually flow onto a group of stunning rock formations along a creek.

Oh, but I should warn you that visiting this natural wonder might not be ideal for everyone due to the numerous steps and hiking, which may not be safe for the elderly and people with weak legs. But those struggles will be seen as worthwhile since Asik-Asik Falls’ incomparable beauty will always triumph.

Falls at Tinuy-an in Surigao del Sur

One of the most well-known waterfalls in the entire world, not just in the nation, is first on the list! The Tinuy-an Falls of Surigao del Sur is undoubtedly a sight to behold. They go by the moniker “The Little Niagara Falls of the Philippines” due to their recognizable four-tiered drop of water.

The waterfall is around 180 feet high and 95 meters broad. While visiting Tinuy-an Falls, you may do a number of fun things like swim and ride the famous bamboo raft as you go closer to the water’s edge, in addition to simply taking in its mesmerizing beauty. There are also natural ponds at the falls where visitors can take a brief dip whenever they choose.

While you’re at it, you might as well increase your chances because the Hinatuan Enchanted River, another well-known Iligan City monument, is close to Tinuy-an Falls. You should visit this location at least once in your life, I assure you. It is evident from the name alone that this is a beautiful site.

(Cebu) Kawasan Falls

Let’s go on to the Visayas after the outstanding Mindanao representation! That’s right, the Kawasan Falls, another natural wonder, can be found right in the middle of the “Queen City of the South” itself. This complex of waterfalls is located at the base of the renowned Mantalongon Mountain Range.

It should come as no surprise that Kawasan Falls become a popular tourist site for both domestic and foreign visitors. It has long been the ideal location for Cebuanos who want to unwind, get away from the bustle of the city, and still appreciate the amazing works of nature nearby their beloved city.

Kawasan Falls is popular with tourists because of its calm, turquoise waters, which are perfect for a brief plunge. People can easily go swimming in the waterfall’s two (2) main cascades, which have deep natural pools.

Falls at Cambugahay in Siquijor

Cambugahay Falls of Siquijor, hailed by many as one of the best waterfalls in the Philippines, lived up to the legends. In fact, a lot of visitors to Siquijor put this on the top of their to-do lists while they’re here. The waterfall is ideal for most people in addition to its known beauty because the plunge is not too high.

Even young children take pleasure in the tourist attractions at Cambugahay Falls. For those who want to have fun, swings, rafts, and rubber rings are available. There are also a ton of places to shoot pictures with Cambugahay Falls in the background.

Falls at Tappiya in Ifugao

Our next stop, which is to the north, is none other than the province of Ifugao. Yes, the most famous landmark in Banaue, Ifugao, is known to people all over the world. Yes, the Banaue Rice Terraces are in fact correct. the location where Thanos decided to spend his golden years after eradicating half the universe’s inhabitants! If you get what I mean, it’s funny.

Thoughts of humor aside, our next sight is the Tappiya Falls in Batad, Banaue, Ifugao, which is next to the rice terraces. In fact, you can see from some images that the famous waterfalls themselves and the terraces are all visible in the same frame. Of course, getting to the captivating Tappiya Falls requires a journey via the actual rice terraces, but wow, is it worth it.


(Abra) Kaparkan Falls

Another undiscovered treasure can be found further north in the lovely province of Abra. Ah, this lovely tourist destination captivates the hearts and attention of numerous local visitors as well as well-known international tourists. A singular natural wonder, the Kaparkan Falls feature streams of crystal-clear water cascading over numerous strata of limestone rocks. 

It wouldn’t be surprising if you suddenly felt like you were on a quest to the center of Middle Earth due to how hypnotic the picture is.

In the year 2015, this gorgeous location in Abra was just recently found. So anticipate that Kaparkan Falls will remain in its original, pristine state.

Lake Hulugan Falls

The Hulugan Falls of Laguna is one of the few waterfalls that are accessible, particularly if you live in Metro Manila. This one is a favorite among the crowd due to both its accessibility and unquestionable beauty. 

Due to the short 30-minute average descending time to Hulugan Falls, it is also appropriate for many tourists. The waterfall’s majestic grandeur, where streams of water tumble down a huge ledge from the mountains, is why people adore visiting it.

But hold on, there are even more surprises waiting for you in San Salvador, Laguna’s woodlands! While you’re there, you should also check out Talay Falls and Hidden Falls, two more well-known waterfalls close by. Be sure not to pass up this fantastic opportunity since these two locations are equally wonderful!

Zamboanga’s Merloquet Falls

One of the most picturesque places in the entire nation may be found on the list. The two-tiered Merloquet Falls in Zamboanga are known for their spectacular water cascades. Simply because of its beauty and accessibility, this has become a popular travel destination.

The fact that the upper tier of Merloquet Falls is just about five meters high means that visitors can engage in a variety of thrilling activities there as well. The higher and lower tiers of the falls’ rock formations work together to enhance the drama and aesthetic appeal for visitors. Take the opportunity to take a picture of yourself meditating in the middle of the waterfalls while you’re there!

(Davao Oriental) Aliwagwag Falls

Another magnificent waterfall follows, and due to its unmatched beauty, it appears to be from a made-up movie. The Aliwagwag Falls, which are famous for their stunning staircase-like stones where streams of turquoise blue waters flow down a pool below, is a well-known landmark of Davao Oriental.

But wait, there’s more! Did you know that Aliwagwag Falls is thought to be the highest waterfall in the Philippines? I’m sure this fascinating fact will make you want to see it even more. Yes! 

Numerous travelers from all over the world travel to see the 84-tiered waterfalls with more than 130 beautiful cascades because it is so breathtakingly beautiful. Consider yourself fortunate if you’re a Filipino since you have the highest opportunity of seeing this breathtaking work of nature at least once in your life.

Falls at Pulang Bato (Negros Oriental)

The following item is a brand-new tourist destination in Negros Oriental. Numerous titles have been given to it in an effort to respect to its exceptional and breathtaking beauty. I’m referring to the Malabo Falls, Pulang Bato Falls, Valencia Red Waterfalls, or the Twin Falls of Barangay Malabo.

The famous waterfall’s stunning look, as the waters flow along what appears to be a red curtain wall, has made it popular. The ground area has several sulfur deposits, which give the wall its red color and gives it an orange tint. There is a natural pool where visitors are welcome to swim at the well-known Pulangbato Falls, which also has a drop of more than 30 meters.

Falls at Ulan-Ulan (Biliran)

Ah, the province of Biliran is home to one of the list’s most beautiful waterfalls. The Ulan-Ulan Falls, a magnificent natural wonder, is tucked away in the middle of a lovely woodland. The water cascades, which have a drop of more than 25 meters, get progressively more hypnotic as mists are formed all around the pool. Previous travelers advise you to shoot a ton of pictures because the Ulan-Ulan Falls tropical genius backdrop is simply amazing.

Oh, and you should be ready for thrilling experiences as well, as Ulan-Ulan Falls has a ton of things to do! Here, visitors can go swimming, hiking, canyoning, trekking, and even cliff jumping!


The sound of waterfalls is something that many of us are drawn to. We occasionally find ourselves lured to the water’s ceaseless velocity. Whatever the specific cause, waterfalls seem to have a calming impact, and that’s what counts in terms of our mental health.

Many of us yearn to see various waterfalls for leisure and the chance to witness something magnificent that shows that life is good despite persistent challenges. To give you some advice, attempt to buy travel insurance for your protection when you travel in the future, whether domestically or internationally.

Don’t put off or hold back your excitement for your upcoming vacations!