The Philippines’ Palawan Island is quickly moving to the top of the list as a backpacker destination that is also popular for ecotourism. You won’t believe how magnificent the black limestone cliffs set against the white beaches and glistening emerald waters are!

Your trip to Palawan will be as enjoyable as possible if you visit any of the places on this list of tourist attractions. The Philippines is a location that everyone should put on their travel wish list because it offers a balance of leisure, excitement, sun, and beach.

This list will not only recommend the most well-known tourist attractions in Palawan but also some lesser-known ones so you can get a feel for the local culture.

You should also sample the excellent food in Palawan. Try to sample some of the regional cuisines while you explore the islands. It is always delicious and fresh, and it is a wonderful way to learn about another culture.

Chicken Inasal, Tamilok, Halo Halo, Crocodile Sisig, Lechon, Hopia Bread, Lato Seaweed, Danggit Lamayo, Chao Long Noodles, and of course all the fresh seafood you can find are some of the most well-liked meals to eat.

While you enjoy the Philippines’ stunning beaches, these regional delicacies will introduce you to the country’s culture. What are you still holding out for? 

Discover some of the most popular tourist destinations in Palawan by reading on.


Snake Island

Snake Island, sometimes referred to as Vigan Island by locals, is tucked away in the stunning Bacuit Bay. Snake Island, a sandbar in reality, is a stop on the less busy El Nido Island Hopping Tour B. Snake Island, like other islands in the region, got its name from its shape rather than from its population.

The island is a perfect spot to unwind because of its green, forested mountains, palm palms, and soft, white sand beaches. On tour B, just like tour A, you will be given a delectable local lunch to savor while lounging in the sun or finding cover under the palm trees.


Calauit Safari Park

Ferdinand Marcos originally intended for his safari park to function as a game reserve. He asked that the inhabitants be moved before destroying the indigenous bamboo in order to import large wild animals from Africa.

The island is still home to giraffes, zebra, bearded pigs, pythons, crocodiles, and Calamian deer. The zebras in this area are Grevy’s Zebras, one of the most endangered zebra species in the world.

As Calauit Island National Park grows to incorporate campgrounds and tour groups as well as allowing people to sponsor the animals, it is quickly emerging as one of Palawan’s top tourist destinations.


Small Lagoon

When island hopping in El Nido, Tour A normally starts with a stop at the Small Lagoon. Despite being a well-liked tourist destination, it is quaint, safe, and private. Therefore, it is advised—even for honeymooning couples!

Only on calm days may you access the lagoon through a tiny tunnel between the limestone cliffs without running the risk of being crushed by the jagged rocks.

The 2019 Red Bull Cliff Diving Competition was place at the Small Lagoon. Although there are still few places where you can cliff jump, swimming and snorkeling in the Small Lagoon are much better options.


Big Lagoon

Of course, the Big Lagoon follows the Small Lagoon on Tour A. You should give yourself the chance to see all three of the Big Lagoon’s various sections since there are three in total.

Renting a kayak from the lagoon’s entrance is the ideal method to explore the entire area. While some people like to swim, a kayak will allow you to travel farther and explore more terrain.

Don’t rush through the lagoon’s entry either. Sea urchins, sea snakes, and other fascinating marine life can be found here.

Massive black limestone cliffs that rise directly out of the emerald water surround the lagoon. You’ll understand why it’s one of the nicest places in Palawan if you take the time to see this incredibly beautiful corner of heaven.


Shimizu Island

Most persons who select Tour A for an El Nido Island Hopping Tour go to Shimizu Island. It is regarded as one of the best tourist attractions in El Nido.

Shimizu Island’s quiet, clear seas make it a great place for snorkeling. Coral reefs of all colors and vivid tropical fish surround the island. Black cliffs that reach the sky defend Shimizu, and in and around the cliffs are clusters of green trees that are growing.

On the A tour, a substantial fresh seafood lunch will be cooked for you here. Even though this tour is quite busy and well-liked, it is a terrific method to meet new people and fellow travelers to bond with.


Nagtabon Beach

Since Nagtabon Beach is a well-kept secret among locals, you can expect to experience the typical laid-back island atmosphere if you decide to go there.

Where the beach and jungle meet, you may have a lovely swim or sunbathe. It is a superb snorkeling location, as it always is in the Philippines.

Local stalls offer a variety of refreshments, including beer, soda, fresh fruits, and cuisine. If you need a break from the sun and beach, you can also rent cabanas.

Nagtabon Beach has some surfable waves if you’re a surfer. If you don’t have your own board, you might be fortunate enough to find a nearby shop where you can rent one.


Ugong Rock

If you enjoy adventures of any kind, Ugong Rock Adventures is the place to go. You can choose from a variety of adventures, or you can try them all!

Regular ziplining, bike ziplining, hiking, repelling, and caving are all options. Due to the over 200-foot drop, zip-lining is especially suitable for thrill-seekers.

Ugong Rock’s 75-foot high peak provides breathtaking panoramic views of the woods and rice paddies below. You must wear or pack sneakers or closed-toe shoes for all of these activities, as well as a lot of water.


Taraw Cliff

One of the most thrilling activities in Palawan is the Taraw Cliff Climb, albeit it is not for everyone.

Although the ascent takes only around 30 minutes, by conventional standards, it involves scrambling up sharp rocks in the sweltering heat. Going during the dry season is essential because the climb also requires three consecutive sunny days.

Taraw Cliff needs a local guide because there is a specific route you must take. You must pass through a tiny settlement and some jungle on your way to the rocks. Although the ascent is brief and difficult, starting around daybreak is strongly advised!


Nacpan Beach

You should definitely go to Nacpan Beach, another stunning white sand beach. This beach is a little more developed than others and has a number of additional activities you might not find elsewhere.

In Nacpan, you can go swimming, sail for an hour, or just laze on the beach. The beaches that are bordered with palm trees are ideal for snoozing in.

Additionally, Nacpan Beach boasts a lively nightlife where you can enjoy a delicious meal, cool beverages, bar hopping, and dancing. If you’re traveling alone, this is a terrific spot to make new friends.


Corong Corong Beach

For a peaceful evening, head to Corong Corong Beach. This beach, which is less popular with tourists than El Nido, is dotted with palm palms and little local eateries that serve delicious regional food.

The shallow, quiet seas around here are perfect for swimming, lounging around in, and of course, snorkeling.

The beach is a great place to spend a peaceful day or evening reading a good book or keeping a journal, but the real show occurs at sunset. Take a seat, get a beverage, and enjoy the beautiful display the colorful sky puts on as the sun sets below the glistening ocean.


Beach of the Seven Commandos

Because no one is certain of the true origin of its peculiar name, 7 Commandos Beach is mythical and enigmatic. The most typical tale is that of the seven World War I soldiers who became stranded on this extensive swath of sand.

This beach is well-liked by tourists and has stands and stalls selling local cuisine, refreshments, and other goods.

Here, people enjoy snorkeling, swimming, beach volleyball, tanning, and sunbathing. Seven Commandos Beach is only accessible by signing up for island hopping tour A in El Nido, but it’s a great opportunity to meet other tourists.


Island of Dumaran

One of Palawan’s undiscovered locations is Dumaran Island. This island offers a taste of authentic island life because it is not swamped by tourists.

Anyone seeking a relaxed and calm atmosphere will find the unspoiled beaches and crystal-clear waters to be ideal. World-class diving and snorkeling locations can be found in the seas surrounding the island because they are dotted with vibrantly colored corals and a wide variety of marine life.

Hardin Coral, Renambakan Island, Encantasia Island, Matarawis Reef, and Queen Coral are the five prime diving locations on Dumaran Island.

Booking a personalized tour of Dumaran Island is the greatest way to see and experience everything that each location has to offer.

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You should bring the right gear because outdoor water activities make up a large portion of this list. Make sure to get sunscreen that is reef-safe when shopping because the Philippines is home to lush coral reefs. Palawan is a breathtakingly lovely place, and it must remain such.

Owning a pair of swim fins, a snorkel, water shoes, and possibly even an underwater camera or phone cover is a smart idea as well. For days spent in the sea and sun, long-sleeved sun shirts or light wetsuit tops are excellent choices.

Many islands and waterfall treks only accept financial donations. Bring a lot of tiny money with you since most places won’t have ATMs. Recall that ecotourism contributes to Palawan’s economy.

Before planning to visit Palawan, don’t forget to purchase travel insurance from us.