The Philippines is one of the top travel destinations in the world, ideal for a romantic tropical trip with its world-famous white-sand beaches and gorgeous islands. Due to the typhoon season, which lasts from June to November, the country still receives a lot of rain despite having hot and humid weather year-round. 

During the rainy season, light to heavy rains fall on occasion in many areas of the nation, but visitors can still have a great time seeing the Philippines even on cloudy days.

Here are some of the suggestions for places to go and activities to engage in at this time of year. It’s More Fun in the Philippines, even in the rainy season! An unforgettable journey is in store.


What Month is Rainy Season in the Philippines?

The Philippines’ wettest months, from June to August, don’t necessarily mean it will rain every day. The Philippines’ off-peak period, which runs from June to November, coincides with the typhoon season. During this time, hotels and flights are less expensive, but there is a larger likelihood of cancellations. 

If you want to experience indoor leisure activities in the Philippines, it is still advisable to plan your trip for the typhoon season. In this post, you’ll learn about the finest places to explore outdoors, the best vacation areas during the rainy season, and activities that are still fun even when it’s raining. 


Activities during Rainy Season in the Philippines


In the Philippines, the rainy season is the ideal time to go surfing. The three most popular surfing locations in the Philippines are La Union in Luzon, Baler in Mindanao, and Siargao Island in Mindanao. The world-famous Cloud 9 is located in Siargao, which is renowned for its surfing culture. 

Sabang Beach is a well-known surfing location in the Philippines and is located in Baler, Aurora, also known as the birthplace of surfing in the country. Surfers can stay at resorts in Baler that are close to breathtaking tourist attractions. 

Several surf camps are located in San Juan, La Union. Other La Union tourist destinations including The Point and The Beach Break are not far from San Juan. In close proximity to Manila, La Union is renowned for its affordable beachside resorts.

Unwind in Hot Springs

There are numerous natural hot springs in the Philippines where visitors can warm up on a chilly day for some well-deserved relaxation. Due to its location at the Pacific Ring of Fire, the Philippines has a usually mountainous topography with several volcanoes. This explains why there are so many resorts with natural hot springs spread around the nation.

Hot spring resorts in Laguna, which receive geothermal heat and steam from Mount Makiling, a neighboring dormant volcano, are popular with tourists. Hot springs in Laguna are popular because of their therapeutic and health benefits. Get a Laguna day tour to see Caliraya Lake, Pagsanjan Falls, and other Laguna attractions.


The most obvious option is to just visit the mall or one of the many malls that people visit on a daily basis. Asia’s shopping epicenter in Manila. It has more malls than any other city in Asia, including the largest mall on the continent. Therefore, you can actually shop during the wet season.

Canyoneering, water tubing, and whitewater rafting

The Philippines’ rainy season, when the water level is greater, is the greatest time to participate in river activities and adventure trips like whitewater rafting, canyoneering, and water tubing. These risky water activities are typically avoided on rainy days for your protection. It is best to hold off on these activities until the weather improves.

The Kawasan Falls Canyoneering should be included in the agenda of visitors to Cebu who wish to enjoy one of the best things to do in Cebu. It is situated in Badian, Cebu’s multi-tiered, crystal-clear waterfalls, where from June to December, the water flow increases in quantity and strength.

Exercise indoors and even practice yoga

If you don’t like water sports, you may always go to the gym or engage in indoor activities like indoor rock climbing. Try a session with a personal trainer to spur yourself on to exercise on rainy days.

Explore Waterfalls

Along with beautiful beaches, the Philippines is home to some well-known waterfalls, like the three-staged Kawasan Falls in Cebu, the alluring Seven Falls in Cotabato, the peaceful Pagsanjan Falls in Laguna, and the three-tiered Cambughay Falls in Siquijor.

It is advised for tourists to plan a vacation during the rainy season because Philippine waterfalls typically dry up in the summer or during the dry months. Be particularly cautious this time around because the hiking trails and rocky outcroppings leading to these cascades are more slick. For safety concerns, it’s better to avoid visiting waterfalls on days when it’s pouring because some require some hiking. 

Embark on a Food Tour

When visiting the greatest culinary locations in the Philippines, there is no better rainy season activity than filling your appetite with Filipino comfort cuisine to lift your spirits. The Philippines’ culinary culture undoubtedly has a lot to offer you can sample on your next dining vacation in the Philippines, from regional dishes to local delicacies.

Experience the distinctive flavors of Pampanga, the culinary capital of the Philippines, when you embark on an adventurous food tour with a Pampanga guide. Try some traditional Kapampangan cuisine and Filipino sweets like ensaymada and halo-halo. Other regional foods worth trying are the lechon and danggit from Cebu, the La Paz Batchoy from Iloilo, and the laing and pinangat from Bicol.

Make reservations for couples’ vacation packages at 5-star hotels in the Philippines to get the most out of your culinary trip to Pampanga. You might also look into travel packages close to Manila if you still have time.


Nothing is cozier than vacationing in a five-star resort in the Philippines. Enjoy the cool weather during your staycation in Tagaytay, a popular weekend tourist destination close to Manila known for its chilly climate, which is best experienced while staying at the top bed and breakfast close to Manila and Tagaytay hotels. Hotels in Tagaytay with views of the Taal Volcano, the second-most active volcano in the Philippines, will satisfy your weekend cravings even on cloudy days.

Don’t forget to check out the top eateries in Tagaytay while you’re there. Eat some tender beef Bulalo (bone marrow soup), which is best savored in the rain. There are so many more things to do in Tagaytay, so whether you choose to take in the gorgeous hilltop views or go horseback riding, you won’t be disappointed. 



You are advised to engage in these activities in order to avoid becoming depressed during these sluggish seasons. In order to fit in all the leisure activities we wish to perform or travel during this season, we merely need to set priorities. 

Although some people find these activities expensive, you cannot participate in them firsthand prepare and save up money for this “It’s never been late than never”. And if you are already doing this while reading, may you take pleasure in and discover another experience in life that is well worth doing.