CTPL Insurance now made conveniently available through AllCASH

CTPL Insurance


Is your car or motorcycle already due for registration? Have you already secured your CTPL Insurance which is one of the LTO requirements for renewal of registration? And lastly, have you already done your grocery shopping?

While listing down your grocery list for the week, check your vehicle registration if still valid or due for renewal, because you can now do both grocery shopping and getting your COC (Confirmation of Cover) for your CTPL (Compulsory Third Party Liability) insurance!

AllCASH, a multi-channel payment platform located in selected AllDay Supermarkets, now accepts payment for CTPL Insurance. The copy of your COC will also be sent by MGS Insurance to the AllCASH branch where you made your payment. eCOC will also be sent to your email address which you may print anytime at your convenience, and bring it to LTO vehicle registration office along with other documentary requirements.

Below is the list of requirements for renewal of registration:

• Photocopy of Certificate of Registration (CR) and the Official Receipt (OR) of payment from your vehicle’s previous registration
• COC or Certificate of Cover – copy of which may be secured after paying for your CTPL Insurance
• MVIR Form or Motor Vehicle Inspection Report Form – issued by LTO with information about your vehicle and its condition at the time of inspection
• CEC or Certificate of Emission Compliance


Why do you need a CTPL Insurance?

CTPL stands for Compulsory Third Party Liability Insurance. Aside from it is one of the mandatory requirements of Land Transportation Office (LTO), CTPL insurance is actually an added layer of protection from unexpected financial obligation one may encounter while using your vehicle on the road.

CTPL is an insurance for accidental death or bodily injury liability to any third-party persons caused by the insured vehicle resulting from the fault or negligence of the authorized driver. So, to protect the pedestrians too, all types of vehicles using public roads and highways are required to get CTPL insurance, thus mandatory to submit their COC (certificate of cover) upon their annual LTO vehicle registration.

The amount of coverage of a CTPL insurance is one hundred thousand pesos only (100,000 pesos) per year for third party liability, subject to the schedule of indemnities which can be seen on the copy of your insurance policy.


How to get your CTPL Insurance?

You may proceed to any AllCASH branches located inside the selected AllDay Supermarkets.
Evia Lifestyle Center – Las Pinas City
• Vista Mall Taguig
• Starmall Alabang
• Vista Mall Tanza
• SOMO – A Vista Mall
• Vista Mall Bataan (soon to open)
• Vista Mall San Jose Del Monte (soon to open)

Present a copy of your OR/CR to the front-line associate. MGS Insurance will send you an electronic COC and an ePolicy to your registered email address. A copy of your COC will also be printed in the AllCASH branch where you paid your premium.


Advantages of paying CTPL Insurance through AllCASH

You secure your CTPL (Confirmation of Cover) Insurance at the right price

The premium charged by MGS Insurance which you will pay through AllCASH only depends on the type of your vehicle. The insurance premium you paid and the amount you see on your ePolicy are the same. Basically, you are getting your CTPL at the RIGHT price.

You can get it anytime between their operating hours and at any open branches

Made readily available for your convenience and comfort inside the mall. Even before or after your grocery shopping, you may go straight to AllCASH beside or near the Customer Service and ask for a CTPL offered by MGS Insurance.

You contribute to Social Responsibility

By combatting fly-by-night CTPL operators. You not only protect yourself from unwanted difficulty in insurance claims, but you are actually helping out eliminate illicit transactions.


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How to know when are you due for renewal of your vehicle registration?

If you’re vehicle is brand new, your authorized car dealer has already registered it for you and will be valid for three (3) years. After which, you will be needing to renew it yearly. The same goes for the CTPL Insurance. Brand new vehicles have three (3) year CTPL insurances and will be renewed annually after.

The validity of your registration or the schedule of your renewal depends on your plate number. The last digit corresponds to the month you need to renew:

vehicle registration schedule
Last digit of your vehicle plate no.

And the second to the last digit of your plate number corresponds to the weekly deadline of registration:

vehicle registration schedule

For example, your vehicle has a plate no. of MIA 1626, your renewal is from Day 1 to 7 of June. Make sure to file your vehicle renewal registration before it expires to avoid penalties and tickets on the road.

It is better to prepare your requirements before processing your renewal (see above list of requirements) to avoid any hassles and inconvenience. And it is best to secure your CTPL at the right price.

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