If you routinely drive to the north or south of the Metro, you’ve certainly seen firsthand the lengthy line of automobiles waiting to enter the toll gates. This spectacle is hardly unexpected given that major thoroughfares, NLEX and SLEX in particular, are moving toward entirely cashless transactions.

Governmental organizations are constantly looking for measures to keep the public secure as COVID-19 continues to rage. One preventive action they’ve taken is to mandate that all motorists obtain an RFID, in addition to opening of offices, schools, and other non-essential buildings. This sticker should lessen the spread of the infection because it supports contactless transactions.


What is RFID?

AutoSweep and Easytrip’s Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) stickers use electromagnetic fields to identify and monitor the automobiles that have the stickers. A radio transmitter, receiver, and transponder are all included in the RFID device.

The sticker provides digital data back to the reader when activated by an RFID reader, such as when going through a tollgate, and subtracts the payment without the need for a cashier to physically intervene. Take note of which RFID it is registered to if you want to use a specific highway.

Autosweep by SMC

  • Expressway to South Luzon (SLEX)
  • Expressway NAIA (NAIAX)
  • Tollway STAR
  • Highway Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union (TPLEX)


Easytrip by MPTC


Where to get RFIDs?

You ought to know with certainty whether roadways are governed by Autosweep or Easytrip after consulting the preceding instructions. Once that’s done, note the places you can register by being aware of these installation sites:


  • Southbound C5 Customer Service Center, Skyway/NAIAX
  • Westbound NAIAX Drive-Thru, Skyway/NAIAX
  • Northbound at Southwoods Toll Plaza, SLEX
  • SLEX follows the Calamba Entry Toll Plaza.
  • Northbound at Eton Toll Plaza, SLEX
  • Northbound TPLEX Tarlac Main Office, SLEX



  • Lane X01, Bocaue Barrier Lane, NLEX
  • Lane N10, Balintawak Lane, and NLEX
  • Cavitex, CIC Customer Service, both directions
  • Toll of Merville, C5 South Link
  • Toll Plaza at Taguig, C5 South Link
  • Customer Service Center for Mamplasan-Greenfield, CALAX
  • CALAX’s Laguna Boulevard Toll Plaza
  • Toll Plaza at Laguna Technopark, CALAX


Where to install your RFID Sticker?

There are three places on your car where you can install your RFID sticker:

Windshield. The sensors are above the toll booth and on the sides, therefore your windshield is the best place to place them. However, the efficiency of the gadget may be lowered if your windshield has at least a medium tint.

Headlight. If your RFID has a transparent sticker, sticking it to your headlight is a smart idea.

A license plate To put your RFID sticker on top of your front license plate, you can purchase an attachment.

All you need to do is go to the specified installation places to get an RFID for Autosweep or EasyTrip. Fill out a form after that, and then pay for your new RFID. Staff will put the device onto your car after it is finished. Getting there early, by 6 AM, is the easiest way to escape the huge line. Through their official website gateway, you can also set an appointment.

Keep a record of the tracking number because you’ll need it at the installation site later on.

If you’re wondering if you can combine the EasyTrip and the Autosweep RFID, the answer is yes. However, this will only be feasible if you already have an Autosweep RFID and you must still line up at an EasyTrip installation site.

Locations for Loading and Checking RFID Balance

AllCASH, Autosweep, and Easytrip top-ups can be made at their official highway kiosks or at a reloading location like a 7-11 or SM. However, given the dangers of exposure, you might want to stay away from actual RFID loading stations. Make use of digital techniques!

Please take note of the following methods to check your RFID balance:



  • Via Website
  • Register your RFID sticker’s information at www.autosweeprfid.com after you’ve applied it.
  • Go to “Enrolled Accounts” after logging in to your account.
  • Select “Balance” from the menu.


Using a mobile application

  • Go to autosweeprfid website on your mobile device.
  • To begin your download, heed the pop-up instructions.
  • Open the app, then sign up or log in using your RFID information.
  • Select “Balance” by tapping it.



  • From a website
  • Visit https://easytrip.reload.ninja after signing up.
  • Enter your Easytrip account number to log in and see your available balance.


Using a mobile application

  • Download the Easytrip app from the app store on your smartphone.
  • Create an account and log in. Specify your car then click “save”
  • To view your balance, click your account or car.


Loading Channels

You can wirelessly refill your Autosweep and Easytrip accounts to make things simpler.



  • Beijing Bank
  • Coins.ph
  • UnionBank EON
  • ExpressPay
  • GCash
  • Maybank
  • PayMaya
  • JusyPayto
  • Sharetreats
  • Bank Union



  • BDO
  • Coins.ph
  • UnionBank EON
  • GCash
  • Metrobank
  • Smart Money
  • PayMaya
  • UCPB



Radio frequency identification is significant because it enables computers to automatically record data about what is happening in the real world and notify management when things is not going as planned. Unfortunately, I don’t believe there is a CEO at a significant technological business in the entire globe who is aware of how crucial this is.

In other words, because it will connect the virtual and physical worlds, RFID will be just as significant as the Internet is today. And I don’t think anyone has even started to comprehend the changes that ubiquitous RFID will bring and the inventions that it will enable, just as no one could have predicted the numerous breakthroughs released by the Internet.


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