Purchasing a car, whether new or used, is an exhilarating experience. In the initial years of their life, new cars exhibit exceptional performance; conversely, a used car requires slightly more maintenance than a new one. Regular maintenance is one way to give your four-wheeler the love and care it deserves. Of course, another is the way you drive.

Advantage of Car Maintenance

Extends the Life of Your Vehicle

Every automaker will provide information about the vehicle’s maintenance schedule. You must make an effort to keep up with this upkeep. It’s also critical to remember that only qualified experts should perform maintenance and servicing. The approved service center is the best workshop to have it serviced. After the warranty expires, you can still get the automobile serviced if you trust another qualified technician.

Mileage of a Car Doesn’t Reduce with Age

Regular engine maintenance is required, including replacing the air filter. Your car’s mileage may drop significantly as a result of a dirty filter. The air filter is easily replaceable or cleaned by you. All that needs to be done to clean it is to blow off any dust that has accumulated.

Vehicle Won’t Overheat

Engine coolant, transmission fluid, and engine oil are examples of consumables that prevent overheating and guarantee a comfortable ride. Long-term neglect of them could cause the car to overheat and cause your trip to come to a stop. Maintaining your car regularly might help you get rid of these problems.

Preserves Efficiency And Performance

A car’s performance may suffer from neglect if it is not maintained on a regular basis. This is a result of the vehicle’s wear and tear. Dust gathers on consumables, and parts made of rubber or plastic may wear out from constant use.

Frequent maintenance will guarantee that other parts and consumables are changed or fixed as soon as their useful lives are up. Enhanced fuel efficiency and performance are the end results.

Maintaining Your Car Regularly Helps You Stay on Course

Verifying that your car is steady and does not swerve in one direction can be done by checking the alignment of the tires. When driving, improper tire alignment might produce vibrations or make the steering wheel appear off-center. These problems can be resolved with a thorough auto service.

Car Safety Is Regularly Examined

When your car is being serviced, several components such as the tires, ignition system, fluids levels, and so on are examined closely. From the standpoint of safety, these are significant. A smoothly operating car is almost impossible to lose control of. After 15 years of registration, you must get your car inspected for roadworthiness in the Philippines.

Spark plugs and the cylinder head are well-maintained

It is expensive to replace the spark plugs and cylinder head. Regular maintenance might help to prevent the mounted expenditure. Additionally, there is a possibility of an engine failure if these parts are not in good condition.



Regular maintenance will guarantee that your road journey is trouble-free. Furthermore, you will be protected against any unanticipated events concerning your car thanks to your car insurance policy. As a result, it’s critical that you maintain your vehicle, keep a log, and obtain financial protection through a motor car insurance policy.