While people are gradually becoming accustomed to the concept of hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles remain a pipe dream for the majority of Filipinos. For electric automobiles to become the norm, for example, enough infrastructure in the form of charging stations is required. 

Until then, most drivers would have to rely on gasoline-powered vehicles. Here are some suggestions for ensuring that your car uses less fuel and gets good mpg.


Continual Upkeep

Your car will benefit greatly from routine maintenance. An automobile that has been well-maintained is considered to get higher mileage. 

The frequency with which you service your car is determined by how much you use it. Before getting your automobile serviced, let the mechanic know about any problems you’re having. 

The basic operations conducted during the servicing session include changing the vehicle’s oil, oil filter, and air filter.


Smooth Driving

Smooth drivers do not see clutching, changing gears, accelerating, braking, and repeating as separate actions. All of this occurs in one fluid motion. Some people, on the other hand, find this process to be incredibly difficult. 

A well-driven automobile consumes less petrol than a car driven in a rough and amateur manner, thus polishing your driving skills can help you get the most out of your fuel.


Appropriate Tire Pressure

For their cars, car manufacturers specify an appropriate tire pressure. The proper tire pressure varies depending on whether the vehicle is being driven within city boundaries or on interstate routes. 

When a car’s tires are not properly inflated, it must be dragged, which wastes more fuel. The right tire pressure allows the car to travel quickly without putting too much strain on the engine. It uses less fuel this way.


Carry Only What You Need

An automobile that is overburdened with unneeded items will burn more fuel than one that is under burdened. Some people utilize their four-wheeler to keep their belongings on the go! 

The car’s engine suffers as a result of having to carry the additional weight. It burns more fuel in the process.



Almost everyone nowadays has a Smartphone with an internet connection. Instead of driving around looking for a destination, using internet maps will help you not only get to your destination faster but also save money on gas. The shorter the route, the less fuel consumed.

Nobody enjoys being caught in traffic. This is especially true if your car uses a lot of gas. Avoid congested roads whenever possible, or schedule your travel to avoid traffic for mental tranquility, pollution avoidance, and better fuel management.


Practice predictive driving

Take a look ahead and make your next move. Slow down as you approach the red light instead of slamming on the brakes to a complete halt. 

Alternatively, when approaching the foot of a slope, begin accelerating as you approach it rather than as you approach it. When starting your automobile from a complete stop or climbing a hill, avoid forceful accelerations because they will increase your fuel usage.


Plan your rush hour route

Stop-and-go traffic puts a lot of strain on your engine, causing it to consume more fuel. Plan your travel to and from work as carefully as possible to escape the worst of rush hour traffic.


Observe the rules and regulations

Good drivers not only improve their driving skills but also adhere to traffic laws. Driving can be hazardous to both you and others. 

This emphasizes the need of practicing safe driving. Following speed limits, obeying traffic signals, and maintaining lane discipline, among other things, can help keep your car accident-free. You can also get a Comprehensive Car Insurance policy as a preventive step. 


The Best Car Insurance Policy

Choose an insurance policy that provides appropriate coverage at a reasonable cost. Offline vehicle insurance purchasing has gotten quite simple in recent years. 

Visit the main office of your favorite car insurance, select your policy, read and understand the terms and conditions, pay, and receive the policy in your mailbox. Make sure you understand the policy’s inclusions and exclusions before making a decision. 

Remember to keep a printout of your car insurance policy in your car, along with your vehicle’s registration certificate, and to renew your car insurance on time.

Car insurance policy is vital not only for your car but also for your financial security because it protects you against sudden and unexpected financial losses caused by unpleasant events such as traffic accidents. 

According to the Land Transportation Office, third-party automobile insurance is a legal necessity for all car owners in the country.



A vehicle’s fuel consumption is determined by a variety of factors. While certain things are beyond your control, you can improve your fuel efficiency by focusing on the principles listed above. 

Changing your driving technique, ensuring proper tire alignment, and keeping your engine in good working order will not only improve your mileage but also your whole driving experience.


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