People need to be always ready in facing the things that happen everyday in their lives. They need to have something they can hold on to in difficult times. Insurance products and services are offered to provide cover for unforeseen things or events that may happen in one’s life.

There are different insurance products for the specific insurable needs of people. This is to help customers identify the product/s and service/s they need. Each product has different applications as to how individuals will be protected and helped.

Below are the various kinds of insurance products and services individuals should be aware about.


Motorcar Insurance


Motorcar Insurance

This insurance is for the motor vehicles. It provides financial protection when someone is involved in an accident, theft, damage or loss of your motor vehicle.


Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL Insurance)

This is a mandatory insurance coverage the vehicle owners must have. Vehicles won’t be registered without this. This covers vehicle damage, death, disablement or bodily injury and bills of those who survived the accident.


Fire Insurance

This insurance provides extra protection against the direct losses caused by fire. Together with this, there are insurance products which also cover losses from natural calamities like flood, typhoons and earthquakes. The company also offers protection against man-made causes, such as robbery and burglary, riot, strike and malicious damage.

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Comprehensive General Liability (CGL Insurance)

This is a business’s protection that offers coverage in case of personal injury, bodily injury and property damage caused by a business’ products, operations and on its premises.

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Travel Insurance

This is a great thing for those who love or need to travel from one place to another. When a person secures this insurance product, he/she has nothing to worry about the trip cancellation, lost luggage, medical expenses, flight accident and other losses or things that occur while traveling internationally or domestically.


Personal Accident Insurance

This is a product that provides monetary or financial compensation in case of permanent disability or death, injury, expenses and loss of income as a result of any accident.

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Engineering Insurance

This insurance product covers a wide range of engineering related risks. This is a comprehensive insurance that gives complete protection against different engineering associated risks, such as erection, resting and working of any machinery, plant or equipment.

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Surety Bond

This involves a three-party agreement. The insurer agrees to pay a specific amount if the second party fails to do or meet the obligation as a promise, usually following or fulfilling the terms of a contract.

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Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

This insurance product is for the commercial establishment and/or organization to be insured for loss of stocks, money, and other properties caused by an act of dishonesty, fraud or theft committed by the employee/s.

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Marine Insurance

This pertains to the insurance of goods being dispatched from one place to another. This covers the loss or damage of cargo, ships, terminals and any modes of transportation of goods.

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Aviation Insurance

This is an insurance product that offers liability and property coverage for aircraft. It covers unforeseen risks involved in aviation due to the property damage, loss of cargo, maintenance and use of aircraft or injury to people. It provides protection to its owners and aircraft operations from losses.

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People can not hold nor predict the exact things that may happen in the future. Consequently, they would find it difficult to handle these unforeseen things or circumstances without anything on their hand. That is the reason why applying for insurance products and services is very essential and a must. With this, they would at least have something with them to battle or handle the risks that may occur. These products and services are really a great help for the customers to face the circumstances easier and lighter.

The first thing that they have to do is to familiarize themselves with the different insurance products and services, for them to know which specific product they need and they have to get. One more important thing that they also have to consider is choosing and applying in a trusted and excellent company that offers the products and services they need. This is for them to receive and experience better service.



MGS General Insurance Agency Services Inc. is one of the prominent insurance agencies that offers all the above mentioned products and services. It offers and provides essential and cost effective protection. It is built to guide and help each individual to cope with unexpected certainties. In MGS General Insurance Agency Services Inc., employees are guided by the company’s vision and mission to ensure that they are still on track in everything they do. They support different core values that really help them provide excellent customer service, to be innovative and financially strong. These core values include:

Honesty – MGS encourages all its employees to be trustworthy, for them to provide good service to their customers. They immediately resolve the raised issues and concerns with their heads and/or group.

Teamwork – Team building is a mandatory activity in MGS, to promote teamwork and camaraderie. This is also for them to have open communication with each other.

Cost Consciousness / Concern for Company Assets – The important thing such companies must maintain is the quality of the products and services they offer. MGS always considers and thinks value of money without neglecting or sacrificing the quality of services they provide.

Competitive Spirit – Competitiveness is a very essential characteristic employees should have. Since MGS targets to be the best or to be one of the leading providers, its employees naturally work with competitiveness.

Closeness to Customers – Good communication is so much needed for this kind of business. In MGS, employees have built this trait for them to easily resolve cases or issues. They communicate with excellent customer service, courtesy and urgency in responding to their concerns.

MGS General Insurance Agency Services Inc. is associated not just with great products and services, but also with excellent employees and good values.


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