Using Car Dashboard Camera

When it comes to automotive accessories, technology has advanced at a breakneck pace. The Car Dash Cam is one such vital item. A dashcam has become a requirement in a country like the Philippines with chaotic driving conditions. 

When it comes to dashboard cameras for your automobile, there are a plethora of solutions available at a reasonable price. Continue reading to learn more about the features and benefits of using a car dashboard camera.

In layman’s terms, a dashcam is an image-capturing gadget or camera. A car dashboard camera is small and maybe simply mounted on the automobile’s dashboard or windscreen (behind the rearview mirror). 

Everything in front of the car is recorded by the dashboard camera. With the use of a rear-facing lens, some high-end dashcams also capture the rearview. 

You may easily catch your drive with a dashcam installed in your car.

To put it another way, a dashcam serves as a “silent witness” in the event that you are involved in a bizarre incident. The device’s modest size makes it easy to mount on a dashboard, and its simple operation mechanism makes it simple to operate. 

When you go out for a drive, a dashcam is essentially a third eye that records everything in front of you.

What is the Function of a Car Dash Cam?

A car dashcam is usually positioned behind the inside rearview mirror on the front windscreen. This position gives the camera a clear view of what’s happening ahead. When you turn on the car’s ignition, a car recording camera is connected in such a way that it instantly switches on and begins recording. 

As a result, while driving your car with a dashcam, you will never miss a recording.

You must remove the old video files depending on the size of the SD card on which the recorded video files are kept. Internal storage is available on several dashboard cameras. If the dashcam includes a loop-recording feature, however, the old data are instantly deleted to create room for the new ones. 

As a result, a dashcam is effective in its operation, and you will never miss any recordings.

When it comes to video capture, the dash cams have a wide-angle lens that covers the entire width of the road and its surroundings. Everything is captured, whether it’s on the side of the road or in the middle of the road. 

Some dash cams even have dual-lens cameras that capture the car’s interior. A GPS tracker is also included with the dash cameras, which records the car’s speed and exact location. If you’re in an accident, this will come in handy.

The Advantages of Using a Dash Cam:

The following are some of the advantages of employing a car dashboard camera:

  • Evidence: If your car has a dash cam, you’ll have video evidence of any event. Being able to prove any occurrence is beneficial due to the unpredictable nature of Indian roadways
  • Reduce Road Rage: On the road, everyone is in a rush, and road rage is a typical occurrence in the Philippines. Road anger can quickly escalate into violence. You’ll have video proof to confront or take action against the culprit if you use a dash cam. You’ll be able to avoid unnecessary road rage this way.
  • Report Aggressive/Rash Drivers: Aggressive/rash drivers will be encountered whether you are on a short drive or a lengthy vacation. Such drivers have the potential to injure you, your surroundings, and themselves. 

You can use a dashboard camera to record the vehicle’s registration number and, if necessary, report the vehicle to the traffic police.

  • Avoid Police Harassment: It’s rare to encounter an aggressive cop, but you can encounter one who is eager to make a fast buck. False accusations, such as running a red light or not wearing a seatbelt, will be made by such cops. 

A dashcam, on the other hand, provides actual proof and allows you to safely assert that you have not made a mistake. The evidence is always on your side, even if things go wrong.

  • Every time you drive, a dash cam begins recording as soon as the car’s ignition is turned on. As a result, you’ll have recordings of every trip, and the video proof may come in handy to you and other road users in the event of a mishap.
  • Record Unforgettable Incidents: Philippine highways are notorious for their unpredictability. You never know what’s around the next turn. You can capture fantastic and unforgettable moments during your daily trips with a dashboard camera. Your capture can earn you millions of views in the present era of YouTube videos!
  • Monitor Young Drivers: If you’re concerned about your children’s driving habits, a dash cam can help you keep an eye on them. New dashboard cameras may also live broadcast the feed to your smartphone, allowing you to assess their driving style.


Best Dash Cams in the Philippines

  • Xiaomi Yi Dash Cam

  • Garmin Dash Cam

  • Transcend Dash Cam DriverPro 550

  • Yi Smart Dash Cam Camera with ADAS

  • Anytek Car DVR Camera



A dashcam is one of the most important automotive accessories, and it’s especially important in Indian climates. When you’re involved in an unfortunate occurrence, a car dashboard camera might save you a lot of time and effort. 

The video proof will keep you out of sticky circumstances and will also come in helpful when filing a claim for car insurance. In a nutshell, if you own a car, you should invest in a good dashboard camera, which captures good quality video and has essential features such as loop recording, G-Sensor, and GPS tracking.