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There are a  handful of Internet cornerstones: websites that helped shape the World Wide Web into what it is today. For almost 15 years, YouTube has been the cornerstone of online video, serving as a reliable source of entertainment and information.

After Google, YouTube is the world’s second most popular search engine. There’s no denying that the Internet, and particularly social media, has made the globe a smaller place. There’s a video for everything on YouTube, from dancing and music videos to political speeches and news, and even how-to tutorials, such as how to change the clock in your car during daylight savings time.

A sub-trend of how pictures, not just words, are taking over the digital domain is social media as a global news and community force. Videos, in particular.

For organizations and individuals of all types, YouTube and other video-centric channels such as TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram play an ever-increasing role in social media. YouTube was the first platform to welcome creators, paving the way for influencer marketing, which has grown in importance over the last decade.

In 2020-2021, YouTube users sought comfort and connection

We have even more time to spend online and watching videos in 2020 and 2021. As the globe opted to stay-at-home during the epidemic, the most popular videos in these years were those that tried to connect with others.

The popularity of videos that followed producers through their daily activities increased by 600%. Audiences have turned to at-home content such as cooking lessons and health and wellness advice. Trivia games and films of people gathering together online, such as virtual choirs and the “Some Good News” broadcast, were popular socializing activities. It’s worth seeing YouTube’s review of 2020 trends.

Make it closer

Getting in touch with them will take more effort and imagination. We created a breakdown to help you deal with the gaps in getting in touch with your audiences

Audiences benefit from having a single, consolidated channel because they can easily find what they need. Separating by internal priorities may make sense for your headquarters, but it isn’t helpful to your target audience. On the brand side, bringing all videos together on a search-driven platform is advantageous for overall channel reach, subscriber counts, and engagement.

Master the Finer Points

On YouTube, pay attention to the details. YouTube will reward you with increased visibility and search results in the algorithm if you focus on the specifics.

  • Branding that is clear, precise, and consistent throughout the channel
  • Attractive video thumbnails made to order
  • Video headlines that are easy to read
  • Timestamps, links, hashtags, and a call to action are all included in this keyword-rich description.
  • Non-subscribers will see a specific video as a channel trailer.
  • Returning subscribers will be treated to a special video.

YouTube algorithms suggest videos based on the watching patterns of specific users and relevant topic areas. To create topic relevance that the computers can grasp, the videos must have coordinated titling and tagging. 

Post new videos on a regular basis

A thousand views is impressive, but do you know what’s even more impressive? There have been one million views!

You must continually submit new material to achieve lofty YouTube view targets. Have you run out of ideas? Identify your most important audience segments and the questions they’re asking as they strive to solve a problem or achieve a goal. 

Make a video for each question and audience after you’ve written them down. You can also actively gather community feedback to plan future films by aggressively soliciting comments and recommendations.

Encourage Subscribers

“Channel subscribers view, on average, 8x more videos than the general public,” I learned from YouTube while building out the MGS Insurance YouTube channel. Every video we produced after that featured a call to action to encourage people to subscribe to the channel.

The following are some of the most important places to attract video viewers to subscribe:

  • Copy for the channel and video description
  • Cards come to a close with a one-click subscribe button.
  • Video of the channel’s trailer
  • Using email and social media to promote your YouTube channel

Use YouTube as a Social Network

Don’t underestimate YouTube’s ability to engage and develop your following as a social network. When viewers see that the channel is actively engaged, they will be more likely to make comments and share videos.

  • Respond to comments on your videos as soon as possible.
  • Participate in videos created by competitors, influencers, and customers.
  • Engage with users who are sharing your video content outside of YouTube by sharing it on other channels and engaging with them.
  • In the videos, ask questions that will elicit participation in the comments.
  • Encourage your audience to interact with one another in the comments section of your videos.

Arrange Videos for Playback

Channels can be arranged into playlists, which aid in the discovery and viewing of further videos by the audience. Videos can be categorized by topic, audience, or goal. Single playlists can be displayed on a channel’s page, or many playlists can be grouped into a section with a title.

Any outdated video content that isn’t generating fresh views or engagement should be archived. Unlisting a video has no effect on embedded videos in blogs or other places where it is linked. It does, however, allow you to “sunset” older movies in favor of newer ones that better handle the same subject.


YouTube Channels aren’t merely for amusement or enjoyment. It can be used for a variety of purposes; the purpose you need to fill in is entirely up to you. Engaging in this new strategic approach requires a fresh shift, regardless of which category you are in.

One thing is certain: we will be able to live with it indefinitely and be present for our audiences. We must acknowledge that this is the new normal these days. Learn about the changes, investigate them, and embrace them.

Here is a link to our MGS Insurance YouTube channel.