There is something about amusement parks that draws people, both young and old, whether it be the ridiculously extreme rides, the adorable animals, the beautiful lights, the unusual shows, or the food. These special locations on Earth have a way of touching people’s hearts and bringing a smile to everyone who visits them. 

Since I’m practically speechless myself, I can’t really express what it means, but if you haven’t been to one in a while, why don’t you try visiting one of these theme parks in the Philippines to relive those feelings of indescribable joy?


Enchanted Kingdom

The fact that theme parks are constructed with every imaginable universe is one of its advantages. Visitors visiting the Enchanted Kingdom in Laguna have the opportunity to experience some of these planets by boarding the Space Shuttle or becoming a pirate with Anchors Away. 

Additionally, there are theaters that are interactive and instructive, such as the Discovery Theatre and the 7th Portal. There’s no need to fear because most of these thrills are accessible to people of all ages.


Manila Ocean Park

The only amusement park in the nation with a marine theme is Manila Ocean Park. It is also renowned for fusing fun and education, as seen in its well-known Mermaid Swim Experience, where guests learn the fundamentals of swimming while swimming about like mermaids. 

There is a lot to see at Manila Ocean Park, but to fully enjoy the visit, catch the nightly 6:30 p.m. Symphony fountain performance.



The only park in the nation with a Dreamworks Animation theme is DreamPlay. Play, dance, laugh, and party with all your favorite characters from animated movies including Kung Fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon, Trolls, and more on the expansive City of Dreams property. 

The area may initially appear to be aimed for younger audiences, but age is just a number, right? But all humor aside, anyone can participate in DreamPlay’s activities. Try it before you judge it.



Going down one of the 38 exhilarating slides at Aqua Planet will satisfy both your desire to wade in pools and your sense of adventure. All those daring enough to conquer the Tornado, the Sky Shuttle, the Superbowl, and the most thrilling 100-meter free fall slide, the Aqua Loop, among many other wet towers of fun, will be rewarded with breathtaking plummets and dizzying loops. 

But if water slides aren’t your thing, you could prefer alternative water activities like the Kiddie Zone, the Wave Pool, the Boogie Bay, the Flow Rider, and the Wave River. One of Asia’s biggest water parks is called Aqua Planet. With a total land area of more than 10 hectares, you’re sure to find something to pique your interest. 


Star City Manila

You will be happy in Star City if you find delight in the wildest of rides. Other coasters like Surf Dance and Star Frisbee will have your heart racing. Its Star Flyer is known as the only inverted roller coaster in the nation. Just be sure your stomach can handle it. 

Additionally, the Dungeon and the Gabi ng Lagim may satiate your appetite for the macabre. The park’s renowned Snow World is a great place to unwind if you still don’t believe you can handle it all.


Manila Zoo

The Manila Zoology and Botanical Garden, or Manila Zoo for short, is one of the nation’s most well-known tourist destinations. With its extensive exhibits of Philippine-endemic flora and animals, it has been delighting tourists since it first opened its doors in 1959. 

It nearly has the feel of a sanctuary, and it has a very reasonable entrance price. Visit Mali, the eccentric elephant from the Manila Zoo, while you’re here.


SM by the Bay

Have you had enough of the enormous complex that is SM Mall of Asia? Instead of engaging in retail therapy, take a break and embark on an exhilarating voyage on one of SM by the Bay’s 12 attractions. This amusement park is conveniently located next to the Mall of Asia (MOA) complex and is sure to pump you full of excitement. 

The best part is admiring the stunning Manila Bay sunset from the MOA Eye while screaming your heart out on the Dream Twister and letting all of your troubles drift away while riding the Drop Tower.


SkyRanch Tagaytay

If you’re not frightened of heights, of course, riding a Ferris wheel has probably been everyone’s childhood fantasy and source of enjoyment. After all, we have all experienced the desire to soar to new heights. With a beautiful view of Taal Volcano directly below, the Sky Eye at Sky Ranch Tagaytay makes its passengers delighted as it ascends them to the highest point in the sky. 

Riding this enormous Ferris wheel in Sky Ranch Tagaytay will be the ideal pastime for you if you believe you have outgrown your thrill-seeking self. After all, sometimes all it takes to grin is a moment of tranquillity near the sky.


SandBox at Alviera

Go to SandBox for a-rockin’ good time if climbing walls, free-falling, and tackling a big swing are your idea of fun. The star of the show is a rollercoaster zipline, but this adventure zone is also outfitted with rappelling and free-falling areas, climbing walls, a rope obstacle course, the highest huge swing in the nation, and a rope obstacle course. 

But if defying gravity isn’t your thing, there are still plenty of other things at this sizable two-hectare amusement park to keep you occupied, including ATV riding, UTV driving, and archery.


Safari and Adventure Park in Clark

In the center of a haven for nature lovers, The Clark Safari and Adventure Park is a stunning wildlife and recreational attraction. This park offers an exciting mix of wild animal encounters and heart-pounding activities set against verdant scenery. An immersive and instructive experience can be had by visitors on thrilling safaris that bring them near to a variety of animals in their natural habitats.

The park features a diverse array of wildlife, including fun monkeys, majestic lions, and gorgeous giraffes, as well as unusual birds. Adventurers can partake in heart-pounding pursuits like zip-lining over vast canopies, completing difficult obstacle courses, and going on guided hikes through the wilds.

Through engaging exhibits and educational discussions, the Clark Safari and Adventure Park goes beyond simple entertainment to promote a knowledge of wildlife protection. It offers a distinctive fusion of education, excitement, and natural beauty that makes a lasting effect on everyone who visits, making it the ideal destination for families, nature lovers, and adrenaline seekers alike. 

Visitors will have priceless experiences at this exciting park, whether they see creatures in their natural habitat or complete adventurous challenges.




In the Philippines, going to a theme park is a popular method to relax after a long day of work or other stressful activities. Theme parks allow adults to relax, have fun, and reconnect with their inner child. They are not just for kids to play in.

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