Arrival of OFWs

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OFWs and Travelers arriving in the Philippines beginning October 8, 2021 and onwards who are unvaccinated, partially vaccinated, or whose vaccination status cannot be independently validated, as well as those vaccinated but failed to comply with the test-before-travel requirements, must undergo 14 days of quarantine, eight of which must be observed at an accredited hotel or facility, and the remaining six must be completed at a health facility. 

On the seventh day of their quarantine stay, travelers must additionally undergo an RT-PCR test.

While you wait for your appointed test and the findings, you must stay in a hotel that has been approved by our Tourism and Health Agencies. You can only check out of your hotel once your negative RT-PCR test results are released on the seventh (7th) day. The first day begins on the day you arrive.


  1. All OFws,  tourists, including minors, should register for the Bureau of Quarantine’s e-Health Declaration Card (e-HDC). Declare your personal details, medical condition, and travel history.
  2. Sign the Declaration and Waiver Form handed to you by our check-in representative at the time of check-in, certifying that you are healthy and fit to travel.


  1. Completing the Bureau of Customs Form, OWWA Care Slip, and Arrival Card are all required.
  2. Make sure you have a copy of your One Health Pass QR code with you when you arrive. Please go to step 1 – Before You Fly if you don’t already have it.


Listen to the briefing given by the Philippine Coast Guard when you arrive.

  1. Upon deplaning, get your temperature taken and display the BOQ One Health Pass QR Code before heading to the appropriate waiting area.
  2. If you are a sea-based OFW, you must wait your turn to enter the verification booth. Show off your QR code. This phase can be skipped by OFWs who work on the ground.
  3. Clear immigration and turn in your Arrival Card.
  4. Report to your designated workstations for the following quarantine hotel assignment:
  • Proceed to the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) Desk for land-based OFWs and their dependents. Submit the OWWA Project Care Slip along with the OHP QR code.
  • Proceed to the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) Desk for sea-based OFWs and their families.
  1. Retrieve your luggage from the allocated carousel and clear Customs.
  2. Leave the terminal and wait for the shuttle or bus to take you to your hotel.


  1. Check into your accommodation and wait for your exam schedule for day 7. Please be aware that due to unforeseen circumstances, your planned exam may be rescheduled for the next day or at a later time (e.g., typhoons, flash floods, strikes, shift in stricter community quarantine status, etc.).
  2. The first day of your trip begins the day you arrive in the Philippines. Please notify the hotel where you are staying if you have COVID-19 symptoms (e.g., dry cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste and/or smell, etc.) any time before your planned test so that a medical or BOQ officer can assess and check on you right away.
  3. The Philippine government will cover your lodging and food expenses during your stay. Their controlling agency will be responsible for any additional lodging bills incurred as a result of mandatory extensions.


If you test positive, the BOQ will transport you to a specified hospital where you will be treated.

If you test negative, you will receive your test results and quarantine certificate within 24 hours after your swab appointment. You can only check out till your negative result is made public. 

For clearance, present your test results along with your medical certificate to the quarantine officials assigned to your hotel. Printing services for a printed copy of your certificate will be available at your hotel.

Please contact OWWA or your respective LMAs if you have any questions about your test results.

  1. Once you’ve been cleared, call your relatives to come pick you up and take you home.
  • For Land-Based OFWs, you can work with OWWA or use the OWWA Uwian Na portal to arrange for additional transportation when you arrive at your ultimate destination.
  • If you are a sea-based OFW, you can work with your Local Manning Agency (LMA) to arrange for additional transportation when you arrive at your final destination.
  1. Under the supervision of your LGU and Barangay Health Emergency Response Teams, please complete your 14-day quarantine or self-isolation (BHERT).


LABOR OFFICERS TOLD CONGRESS that for the time being, mandated insurance for overseas workers should only apply to agency recruits, stressing the need to clear several legal and fiscal difficulties before enacting such a policy.

Bernard P. Olalia, the administrator of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, told the House Committee on Overseas Workers Affairs on Thursday that current law needs to be amended before insurance payments can be required of some classes of overseas workers, such as direct hires and overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) employed under government-to-government agreements.

We know that only agency recruits will be subject to mandatory insurance coverage,” he said during the hearing, adding that labor officials have long wanted to alter Republic Act 10022, or the Migrant Workers Act of 1995, to broaden the sorts of OFWs who are required to pay for welfare insurance.


Despite the social costs they face abroad, OFWs have been praised in the past for the economic boost they provide to the Philippine economy. The best indication of a fresh admiration for these worker heroes could be effective and quick labor migration rules and programs. 

Long-term recovery measures illustrate that the migration-development nexus is about understanding migrants first and foremost as human people in need of protection throughout the crisis, not just as instruments and objects for development.


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