It is reasonable to assume that practically all OFWs attempt to find work abroad in order to support their families. Even after having our own families, it is customary and even expected in the Philippines to care for elderly parents. This occasionally includes siblings or other family members. You belong to the “Breadwinners” if you find yourself in this predicament.

The term “Breadwinner” first used in the 1980s, describes parents who provide for at least two sets of dependents. They typically care for the needs of their immediate and even extended family while also rearing their own offspring.

OFWs face particular and difficult financial issues given the level of support they are expected to offer. After all, how can they manage to care for their own future, including assets and liabilities, while still supporting those who raised them?

Some advice on safeguarding your future, taking your assets and liabilities into account:


Create and follow a Financial strategy

The majority of OFWs claim that their primary intention is to depart for a few years, accumulate money, and then come back. It’s a good attitude to have, but you need to have a strategy for it.

  • Calculate your anticipated income.
  • Your pay should be in balance with your costs, including any remittances you send home.
  • What’s left should be saved.

This exercise will help you have an approximate estimate of how much money you want to bring back from your trip. One OFW acquaintance claimed that this was the finest advise she had got because it made her start tracking her spending routinely.

Can modify spending plan according to needs and refrain from overspending or becoming excited over padalas or pasalubongs. It was also a fantastic motivation since the closer she gets to her objective, the sooner she’ll be able to return home permanently.


Protect your Wealth

Regardless of age, health, or wealth, asset protection planning is a crucial element in the estate planning process. This is due to the fact that effective asset protection techniques can ensure your surviving family and relatives have access to the financial support they may need while reducing the possibility of stress and issues. Planning for asset protection can safeguard you and your assets even while you are still alive. In the event of a lawsuit or divorce, asset protection acts as a barrier between you and your creditors.

Given the litigious world of today, asset protection strategy is crucial for business owners. As you amass wealth and assets, creditors and predators start to pursue you.

To safeguard various kinds of assets, a variety of strategies can be used. One factor unites all asset protection strategies: they all make it harder for a creditor to locate or seize assets. In order to safeguard your assets in the event of litigation, asset protection measures may involve the use of company entities, trusts, and partnerships. Your insurance is enhanced by an appropriate asset protection strategy to better satisfy creditors.


Be wise; Always Study and Develop

There are numerous sad tales of OFWs who fall victim to schemes designed to make quick money. One can be lured by the promise of “easy money” in the hopes of earning extra cash for nanay’s prescription drugs or bunso’s new shoes.

A veteran OFW I know, who now has a small business in the Middle-East, expressed it best: “If anything seems too easy, it must be a scam.”

Unfortunately, a lot of OFWs are not aware that there are reliable and trustworthy ways to increase their income. Finding the appropriate information sources is the first step.

There is nothing wrong with looking for recommendations and direction while making big investments.
In actuality, there are experts you may trust, such as a Financial Advisor. It’s now simple and convenient to locate one.


Think of yourself as well

It is evident that OFWs sacrifice themselves for their families, oftentimes without hesitation or remorse. The issue is that when people take this obligation too seriously, they often neglect themselves.

You should also put money aside for yourself.

Other than you, the public and private sectors assist the OFWs in various ways and never fail to express their gratitude to the OFWs. To give one, the upcoming OFW and Family Summit 2022 hosted by Villar Sipag Organization.


The 11th OFW & Family Summit took place on November 18, 2022 (Friday), at 8:00 A.M., with the theme “Bagong Simula sa Sariling Bansa.” at Las Pinas City, Philippines, at The Tent at Vista Global South, C5 Extension Road.



You are not battling alone, and it is okay to fight only for your family because nobody else will do it for them right? But keep in mind that if you ask for help from others and acknowledge your own limitations, they will be the only ones to fulfill your desire.

Keep going, and don’t lose track of yourself along the journey.