The opinion of several experts is that a car’s wheels and tires are its most important component. They need the highest care because they are in charge of getting you to your destinations securely. As a car owner, you need to be aware of the fundamental features of tire maintenance, such as the proper tire pressure and tread wear indicators.

So, in this post, we’ll concentrate on the less-discussed topic of caring for and maintaining the rims and wheels of your car.

Dirt, rubbish, potholes, and other surface irregularities line the Philippine highways. Thus, in order to guarantee you safe and enjoyable driving, not only the tires but also the wheels make equal sacrifices. Daily driving on open highways causes dust to build up on the brakes. And if it is not addressed right away, it could result in an early degeneration of the expensive car alloy.


Make sure you know your wheels

The first thing to do if you’ve never worked on your own wheels is to make sure you know what kind of wheels you have. The cleaning products you select can vary greatly depending on the materials they’re built of and any coatings applied to them. Always check the safety of the goods you use before handling any wheels.

Usually, painted wheels are the most obvious. They are a very popular manufacturer option and, as a result, are standard on many automobiles and trucks that are purchased from a dealership. Painted wheels are tough and can easily withstand the majority of cleaners on the market.


What deters do car wheels do?

Every time the automobile brake is used, pieces of the brake pad come off and adhere to the rim, creating a residual film that progressively gets worse over time. As a result, as the brake pad wears out when braking, brake dust begins to build up on the vehicle’s wheel.

If left untreated, the buildup of brake dust will quickly lead to oxidization, which is another word for rust or corrosion. If left unattended for a long time, the dust may first cause stains before turning into rust.


How can I prevent car wheels from rusting?

Cleaning the wheels of the automobile regularly is the simplest technique to control brake dust. How frequently you drive your automobile determines how frequently it needs to be cleaned. To be on the safe side, it is recommended to clean the car wheels every week or two to keep them clear of dust.

So let’s get started with a simple guide on how to maintain your wheels so they look great for years. Continue reading.


Pick a low-cost or high-end wheel cleaner spray.

You can now spray mild or ultra-care cleaners to get rid of the obstinate grime that has developed on the rim. They won’t harm the alloy wheels on your automobile because they are non-corrosive and chemical-free. You need to wait a while for the brake dust on the wheel to soak after you spray it on.


Remove any stray surface dust by wiping.

First, take a clean towel and wipe away any visible dust or grime that has amassed on the wheel’s outer surface. To remove the loose residues that have accumulated on the rim, you can use a pressure washer.


Utilize a gentle wheel cleaning brush to scrub.

If the brake dust is hard, a firm scrape will be necessary. So, to clean the dirt from the wheel, use a soft-bristled wheel cleaning brush. Additionally, there are brushes made especially for cleaning alloy wheels on the market that can remove even the toughest dried-on wheel deposits.


Wheel cleaning and drying

Now wipe the automobile rim with the pressure washer to remove any collected debris. After that, use a microfiber cloth to dry the wheel.

You can maintain your car’s wheels and keep them looking new and rust-free for a longer period of time by adhering to the important cleaning instructions stated above.


How to Increase the Life of Your Wheels and Rims?

Rims and wheels are pricey, it’s a good idea to maintain them all year to avoid having to pay a lot for auto maintenance in the future. These three techniques will help you prolong the life of your wheels:


Avoid Curbs

Avoid driving too close to curbs or bumping them while parallel parking to prevent your wheels from being bent or having their finish scraped off. Modern rims frequently extend beyond the tire’s edge, which means that they bear the majority of the impact if you have to swerve to avoid another vehicle or parallel park quickly.

While you can’t change poor drivers, you can improve your parallel parking skills. In order to practice without hurting your rims, use some cones or other non-destructive objects. If you master the technique, you could avoid spending hundreds of dollars on auto maintenance.


Clean with the proper tools

By cleaning your own rims, you can cut down on trips to the vehicle repair shop, but you also run the danger of using subpar or damaging cleaning products. Certain alloys will be destroyed by steel wool, and dust and your priceless clearcoat, which shields the metal from corrosion, will be eliminated by acid cleaners.

A cleaner is likely acidic if it needs to be removed in five minutes or less.

The best method to preserve your rims clean and shining is almost always to use mild soap and water together with vigorous scrubbing. Your rims will last longer even if it could take a little longer. Always be cautious when bringing your automobile to full-service car washes because they frequently utilize acid-based chemicals.

They might cause more damage than good.



Trusted Car Shops

Visit your trusted auto repair shop and inquire about the cost of wheel and rim maintenance if you’re still having issues with your tires or rims. While you’re there, inquire about issues like brake pads and transmissions, which when neglected lead to a myriad of issues.



The most effective approach to lessen brake dust accumulation is to wash your wheels every time you wash your car. Make sure to rinse off any strong chemical cleaner, such as Iron Removal, with a premium car washing shampoo.

Your wheels will stay clean and there will be less risk of chemical damage as a result. Choose the right cleaning tool for your rims and wheels and be knowledgeable on how to use it.

You may help extend the life of your wheels and get consistently smooth rides by adhering to these easy steps. Don’t forget to purchase motor car insurance to cover everything else that is out of your control.