LRT-1 private operator Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC) has plans to work with the Ateneo De Manila University (ADMU) through its School of Science and Engineering to enhance railway education in the Philippines as part of efforts to grow the railway sector and support nation-building.

In accordance with the plan, LRMC is collaborating with ADMU to establish railway engineering courses and programs to meet the nation’s growing demand for highly qualified, professional, and elite rail workers as the local railway industry is developed.

Course 1: Transportation and Society, Course 2: Principles of Railway Transportation, and Course 3: Railway Management and Engineering are the initial ADMU courses scheduled for the School Year 2022-2023.

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Study Railroad Engineering

The goal of the interdisciplinary engineering discipline known as railroad engineering is to create train systems that are better, faster, and more effective. These specialized engineers are employed by the railroad sector to maintain and design rail networks capable of moving both people and cargo.

Electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, and even computer engineering are all combined in one field of study. They use their specialist knowledge to plan and implement rail projects, aiding the development and upkeep of existing rail infrastructure in the field of transportation engineering.

Transportation engineering as a whole includes train control. A significant portion of developing a rational and useful civil infrastructure is the infrastructure of travel and transportation.

The platform may give you the fundamental information you want whether you’ve always had a passion with trains or are considering a career change. Students from all around the world can study and explore thanks to courses that have been developed in collaboration with industry thought leaders and innovators.


Courses in Railway Engineering

For students interested in learning the fundamentals of rail engineering, DelftX offers the course Railway Engineering: An Integral Approach. Students learn about the historical development of rail transportation as well as what railroad engineers can do to improve safety and efficiency.

The World Bank Group’s eLearning course on Appraising the Wider Benefits of Transport Corridor Investments is open to students who want to learn more about rail transit in relation to other forms of transportation. Students will gain knowledge of the bigger transportation infrastructure’s achievements and difficulties.



The first course is a technical interdisciplinary elective (IE) designed for students with majors in the Department of Electronics, Computer, and Communications Engineering, while the first course is meant to be a general course on transportation that will be open to any ADMU student who has taken the Science, Technology, and Society (STS 10) as a subject.

All Computer Engineering (CpE) students pursuing the railway engineering track as well as those pursuing the minor in railway engineering are eligible to enroll in Course 3, a major option with Course 2 as a prerequisite.

The 5-month internship program, which will also begin in SY 2022-2023, will use LRMC as a laboratory. Students who are chosen to participate in the internship program will learn about project management, working in a corporate environment, and managing railway maintenance and construction.

Additionally, LRMC and Ateneo are talking about how innovation and technology can be used in research projects that will be carried out by faculty and/or students to assist address current issues and gaps in the transportation sector.

For this collaboration with Ateneo, LRMC has been organizing and putting forth effort. A need for more environmentally friendly modes of transportation is being made, and various infrastructure projects are taking shape.

This is an exciting time for the railroad industry. This initiative also emphasizes the value of collaboration between the academic community and the private sector in order to provide students with learning that is grounded in real-world situations, according to Juan F. Alfonso, president and chief executive officer of LRMC and member of the advisory board of the Ateneo Research Institute of Science and Engineering (ARISE).

Ayala Corp., Metro Pacific Light Rail Corp., and Macquarie Infrastructure Holdings (Philippines) Pte. are partners in the LRMC joint venture. Ltd.

One of Hong Kong’s First Pacific Co.’s three Philippine subsidiaries is Metro Pacific Investments Corp. Ltd., with PLDT, Inc. and Philex Mining Corp. as the other two. Through the Philippine Star Group, which it owns, Hastings Holdings, Inc., a division of MediaQuest Holdings, Inc., a subsidiary of PLDT Beneficial Trust Fund, maintains an investment in BusinessWorld.



A Career in Railway Engineering to Consider

Courses in railway engineering could open possibilities if you have a passion with trains, are looking into new hobbies, or are considering a change of employment. Despite their many obligations, engineers can help improve the infrastructure in North America and elsewhere.

Although the railway era began more than 100 years ago, its profound impact is still felt today. You might develop and maintain the railroad, plan for additional construction, and steer the rail industry into a prosperous new era. Additionally, you could discover amazing information on train engineering to hold your attention for a very long period. The edX courses can help spark that fire in any case.