The hottest season of the year is rapidly approaching. Because of the season, many people are feeling hot. Many families plan summer vacations such as traveling to the beach, having a picnic beneath the shade of trees, visiting amusement parks, or simply visiting malls to cool off.

As a result, some individuals prefer to stay at home rather than go out, and you can still plan a variety of activities at home to enjoy summer with your family, friends, or even by yourself!

There are many of activities you can do at home to have fun, such as brewing your own summer cocktails! Even during the hot season at home, you may DIY and feel wonderful. There are several options accessible in the market, including fruits, vegetables, colas, and so on.

However, you may make your own drinks by combining such drinks and creating a nice, tasty drink for you and your family to enjoy!


Here are some pleasant cocktails that are simple to make at home:



One of the most popular summer beverages is a nutritious and refreshing drink. It helps our bodies relax despite the heat by combining sour and sweet flavors.

It also contains vitamins, as Lemon is its main ingredient, and it contains a lot of vitamin C and other minerals that will help your body fight ailments. This drink is ideal for the season.


Fruit Shakes

Fruit shakes are nutritious and energizing. The natural sweetness of the fruits paired with the creaminess of the milk will undoubtedly lead you to a destination.

Simply combine the fruit of your choice (mangoes, watermelon, apple, pineapple, or even a combination of fruits) with crushed ice, add milk and sugar, and taste. Other ingredients can always be added according on your preferences.

It can be made at any time of year. It’s particularly good for children because it contains vitamins and minerals from the fruit. But keep in mind that there is a limit, as too much sugar might cause disease.


Cold Water

This summer, nothing beats a refreshing glass of water! Nothing beats cold water for refreshing, hydrating, and cooling you. If you don’t want to drink tap water, just purchase some filtered water, acquire some ice, and you’re done!

You now have a drink that is both simple and hydrating. You may also add a piece of lime, cucumber, orange, or lemon to your water to make it more interesting.

This can also make your water a cleansing beverage. Perfect for this hot summer season because it is both refreshing and healthful.


Ice Candy

There’s ice candy, which is always popular and reliable. Any drink/liquid confection frozen in a little plastic bag is known as ice candy. It’s sold everywhere from sari-sari shops to your neighborhood roaming seller. It’s simple to make, and even your children can do it.

The variety of refreshing drinks and pastries demonstrates the Filipinos’ creativity. We at Crown Asia are always looking for new ideas and ways to improve. We strive to provide the finest service possible to our customers.

As a result, we never stop innovating and improving our products and services.


Classic Buko Juice (Coconut water)

This is a traditional Filipino thirst quencher. Buko juice with milk or fresh Buko juice! There are plenty of fresh coconuts in the market right now, especially in the public markets!

You can find them almost anywhere, and this is the ideal drink to make during the hot summer months. This drink will quench your thirst to the point that you will desire or ask for more.

You only need coconut juice and ice to make this, and then you can drink it straight away. You can also add evaporated milk to give it a milkier flavour.

A traditional Filipino cocktail that anyone can enjoy!


Saging Con Yelo and Mais Con Yelo

It’s similar to halo-halo but with fewer components. Corn or bananas are the main ingredients, along with crushed ice, sugar, and evaporated/condensed milk. In hot weather, mix it thoroughly and eat/drink it.


Coffee Frappe

Filipinos are huge coffee drinkers. It’s their go-to breakfast, usually served with hot pandesal or a full dinner (fried rice, eggs, sausage, dilis, and many more). Despite the heat, Filipinos consider sipping coffee thanks to various improvements.

A coffee frappe is an iced coffee served with whip cream, chocolate syrup, and a variety of sweet toppings. It’s similar to a fruit shake, but with coffee. It’s refreshing to drink, with its coldness and the distinct coffee flavor that Filipinos prefer.


Milk Tea

Milk Tea is arguably one of the most popular beverages among Filipino teenagers. It initially originated in other nations, but it became famous in the Philippines thanks to the addition of Filipino flavors like Macao Imperial Tea and Serenitea.

That is most likely why most Filipinos go after it multiple times. It’s easy to make. Only milk, tea, and tapioca pearls are required.


Sweet Iced Tea in the Summer

Iced teas are a popular drink on hot days, but you can get more creative with how you make these drinks! Even while we are familiar with ready-made iced teas powder juice beverages, you may still make your own.

Iced teas can be made by infusing it with fruit like watermelon. Watermelon is a nutritious and delicious summer fruit that is a popular thirst soothing iced tea recipe for many tea aficionados.

This is incredibly easy to make because all you have to do is mix the melon, add some mint and lemon, and then pour in some freshly made black tea. You may make a strawberry-flavored iced tea by following the same steps but substituting a strawberry. This is a novel flavor that you should try to beat the summer heat.


Fruit Spritzer

It may appear difficult, but don’t be put off by the word “spritzer.” This drink is simply half water and half fruit juice. Instead of ordinary water, you can use sparkling or carbonated water.

The fruit juice, on the other hand, will contribute flavor, color, and even some nutrition. It’s also a good idea to utilize unfiltered fruit juice if you want to add cheval to your drink.

Remember to bring ice! Because it will make your drink taste more refreshing!

You can purchase 100 percent natural fruit juice at your local market or make your own with freshly squeezed orange juice, mango juice, and peach juice. It’s simple to make and will help you chill down at home throughout the summer.


Final Thoughts

Travelers must consume some of the worth-trying cocktails developed by Filipinos to beat the heat this summer. We enjoy these delectable beverages while also protecting our health from the risk of heat stroke caused by the excessive heat.

Some travelers, in addition to sipping summer beverages, get travel insurance as a safety net for their thrilling journeys.

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