It’s that time of year again! It’s the height of summer once more. Sweat, heat, and dehydration are all part of the season. 

However, on the plus side, this is the season for really cool mocktails, beaches, and light cotton clothing!

When our bodies heat up, we go out of our way to keep them cool, much as our cars do to shield themselves from the sun’s rays. To get started on some strategies to keep your car cool in this scorching heat, let’s look at some of the following:

Make room for air

Before parking your car, roll down any two windows only a centimeter or two. This will prevent forced entry and improve the amount of fresh, cold air that circulates within the automobile. However, keep an eye out for bugs! 

They may be repellent if tiny particles of camphor are tossed inside the automobile.

Cool the Car Down

Invest in a damp towel. Before handling the steering wheel and gear shift, run it over them and let the water evaporate. 

If the surface is excessively hot, consider placing the damp towel over it for a time. As a result, it will absorb excess heat and make the car more maneuverable.

Smart Shade

Take advantage of an open-air parking lot with a windshield sunshade and opt for a location that faces direct sunlight in the afternoon. Now open the sunshade. 

It will protect your car’s interior from direct sunshine, keeping it cooler.

Cool Backside

When you have dark colored leather seats, the inside warms up like crazy! Invest in low-cost cooling cushions to avoid this. In addition, these cushions help to prevent weariness when driving.

Sheets to the Rescue

The inside of your automobile will undoubtedly heat up if it is left parked in the sun for long periods of time. In this scenario, a light-colored cotton bedsheet will be beneficial. Simply lay the sheet on top of the seats. It will provide shade and aid to keep the temperature low by providing shade.

Keep your precious possessions out of the sun

Any tapes, CDs, or other delicate materials you keep in your car should be kept out of direct sunlight’s reach. Underneath the seat, store your tape and CD cases. You can also cover your valuables with a blanket. 

Consider storing heat-sensitive items in the trunk if you can’t locate a space in your automobile to store them.

When possible, park in a garage

Park in a garage whenever feasible. Your car will be out of direct sunlight and will have the benefit of near-constant shade. 

Even a warm garage is preferable to sitting in the sun all day.

Solar Fans

In this season, solar-powered fans are the greatest option. Use these to get some wind directly in your face by charging them with solar energy!

Open Happiness

If you’re preparing to drive a warm vehicle, make sure you open all of the doors and windows and turn on the air conditioner’s fan. A hot car’s fumes aren’t exactly healthy!


  • Apply reflective paint to the roof of your car. It will keep your automobile cool by reflecting the majority of the heat away from it.
  • To protect your car from direct sun rays, use universal curtains.
  • The best location to keep your accessories is in a glove box. To avoid damage, car chargers, wires, pen drives, and other items can be put there.
  • To increase airflow, use beaded seat covers.
  • Last but not least, always look for shade where you may park your automobile!

You should get additional protection with car insurance in addition to beating the heat and sheltering your car from this hot weather. The correct coverage will not only cover third-party damage, but it will also cover your personal losses. When you need it most, insurance will assist you in taking care of your finances.


For your vehicle’s problem-free operation while maximizing its performance and efficiency. Proper maintenance of your vehicle’s cooling system is one way to accomplish this. This crucial system keeps you comfortable in the passenger compartment while also keeping your engine running smoothly while preventing it from overheating.

While correct maintenance of your vehicle’s cooling system is highly important, roughly 28 percent of the vehicles in the Philippine roadways are operating with inadequate maintenance and protection. 

Your vehicle falls into this category if you can’t remember the last time you had the radiator cleansed and the coolant changed on it. Your vehicle’s cooling system is probably in need of some maintenance, and we’ll tell you why.