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A non-life insurance policy is a type of insurance you need to protect your various assets such as car, home, and business. You pay for a fixed amount which is normally renewable annually.

Insurance is a way to safeguard yourself and your loved ones in the event of a financial emergency. You purchase insurance for it, and the insurance company accepts the risk and provides coverage at a certain premium.

Beginning with the fundamentals

Anyone can get insurance straight from an insurance company via the internet. In other words, we may argue that there is no third-party participation, and you can save money. There has been a fast change in recent years from purchasing insurance policies offline to purchasing them online.

An offline insurance policy, on the other hand, is one in which the insurer is physically present and in which an insurance agent is likely to be involved. It might happen at an insurance branch office or at the home of the policy buyer. Some may consider this strategy to be time-consuming, while others may consider it to be more trustworthy.

As time Goes By

Nowadays we use a number of applications, including (Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Paytm, Ola, and Amazon), and we conduct the majority of our transactions online. Movies, travel, hotels, and shopping, as well as insurance, are all popular online bookings. Originally, if we got to buy insurance, we had to do so the traditional way. One consultant, for example, appeared and presented the strategy of a single organization. After deciding on a strategy, he gathered all of the necessary papers from us, including paychecks, signature forms, and so on. It was then forwarded to the local office of the insurance company.

We don’t have to rely on local agents or any other intermediaries because we can do everything ourselves with online insurance. However, some people are confused and have many questions on their minds. Is it safe to conduct business via the internet? Chances of premium amount hacking? It’s fine if the policy is in place, but how can you help during the claim settlement period? Who will be our guide or helper? Etc.

The table below shows the key differences between online and offline car insurance. By reading over the table, you can figure out which option is the best fit for you based on your criteria.

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Online TermOffline Term
Process The approach comprises visiting the insurer’s website/app, entering basic information, picking a plan, and paying for it online.Meeting with the seller, filling out forms, and submitting the required paperwork are all part of the process.

Level of difficulty

It is simpler to compare plans and make a decision on your own.It’s a time-consuming transaction that requires more time and work than online term plans.
ValuePlans are less expensive and do not require the use of a broker.Offline term insurance plans are costly since they require purchasers to pay insurance premiums, agent commissions, and brokerage fees.
Customer SupportIt is not difficult to compare vehicle insurance policies online. You might use an aggregator website to gather the bulk of quotes and coverages in one place. Alternatively, you can go to the websites of your favorite insurers and utilize the premium calculator to obtain a price, which you can then compare.Comparing policies offline is difficult. You’ll have to pay several folks a visit. Comparing brochures takes time and effort, even if one agent is presenting you with multiple possibilities.


The buyer notes the facts, it provides more privacy.The agent fills in the buyer’s personal information on the buyer’s behalf, there is less privacy.
Claim Settlement Online automobile insurers offer a straightforward and quick manner of settling claims. They are able to do so due to technology infrastructure.The claim settlement procedure might be longer due to the emphasis on manual operations.

This tabular representation provides precise information about both types of plans and allows us to compare them using the criteria we’ve established.

According to the table above, purchasing auto insurance online is more advantageous than purchasing it offline. If you’re still not convinced, consider the following direct advantages of purchasing vehicle insurance online.

Thorough Research

  • Car insurance policies are all on the company insurance website
  • The online buying procedure provides a better comparison for decision making

Quick Response

  • Solving errors can be resolved online by a customer support team
  • 24/7 active status via online


  • Two to three minutes procedure via website
  • No paper works

Claim Settlement with No Obstacles

  • No coordination problems and money transfer
  • Instant settlement claim settlement

Low Premium

  • Low operational cost

Online insurance currently has a solid application system in place, and they quickly send your premium money to the insurance company, online insurance is completely safe and secure. Your money will not be held in a separate account or by an intermediary for this purpose. Second, a dedicated server and a secure platform, which is Policy Planner’s strongest feature.

As per our way of life or people’s busy schedules, we don’t have time to schedule the 2-3 insurance appointments we need. Alternatively, a customer may be traveling out of the station and discover after some time that his automobile coverage is about to expire today or in a few hours. Then he will undoubtedly choose an internet insurance policy because it would provide him with immediate coverage. In conclusion, purchasing insurance online is a sensible method to save time and money.

One of the most essential points was that customers would have more time to think about financial and insurance planning. A customer can save money by comparing policies from various insurance firms. Not only the price, but also the insurance company’s history, rating, Cashless Hospital List, services, and claim settlement percentage are all factors to consider.

So, for any type of insurance, it is recommended that you go online. You’ll save both time and money.


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