Accidents, fire, theft, falling items, vandalism, civil unrest, and natural disasters are all covered by comprehensive car insurance. Purchasing car insurance is straightforward, and with the option of purchasing comprehensive car insurance online, it is both quicker and more cost-effective.

Any first-time auto insurance buyer would have received a lot of dos and don’ts of advice on what type of insurance to buy, where to get it, and who to buy it from. Even yet, we become perplexed as to what is a myth and what is a fact.

Advice and input are valuable, but they pale in comparison to a personal reality check. Before purchasing auto insurance, you should have a good understanding of how it works, how the premium is calculated, and what kind of coverage you require.

If you don’t understand the fundamentals of automobile insurance, you may face claim denials in the future if you file a claim that isn’t covered by the policy. As a result, third-party websites will assist you in better understanding auto insurance coverage and making smarter decisions when getting vehicle insurance.

There are a lot of misconceptions about vehicle insurance. Let’s look at some facts to dispel some prevalent misunderstandings.


Myth: Purchasing auto insurance takes a long time


Purchasing or renewing insurance coverage has become exceedingly simple and time-saving. It has gotten more convenient to purchase vehicle insurance online. To buy vehicle insurance online, all you have to do is fill out some basic information and you’ll be able to get a price.

Then select the package that best meets your requirements.


Myth: Car Insurance for Older Vehicles Gets Cheaper


While the Insured Declared Value of an automobile drops as it gets older, there are many other factors that affect the rate. Other elements that play a part in determining the premium for an old automobile include driving record, vehicle kilometers, insured age, and claim history.


Myth: If you switch insurers, you’ll lose your no-claim bonus


The policyholder, not the vehicle, receives the NCB – No Claim Bonus insurance cover. The NCB is transferred when a person switches insurance companies. After the comprehensive auto insurance coverage has expired, the bonus is applicable for 90 days.


Myth: You don’t need insurance if you’re a safe driver


Purchasing third-party insurance is required, and so, car insurance cannot be avoided. However, while comprehensive insurance is an option, it is required because it covers not just unintentional damages but also losses caused by natural disasters or theft.

The financial loss that one will have to bear is far greater than the insurance policy premium. Both types of insurance are necessary for a vehicle.


Myth: Only third-party insurance is required for ancient autos


A comprehensive automobile insurance policy provides coverage that a third-party car insurance policy does not, so this comparison is incorrect. Both are types of insurance and should not be confused with one another.

Old cars can also be damaged in an accident, so obtaining insurance for personal injury is necessary.


Myth: You must renew your car insurance with the same carrier each year


At the time of policy renewal, anyone can easily switch insurance companies for any reason. The No Claim Bonus is transferable when you switch insurance carriers.


Myth: In the event of total damage, the price of a new car is compensated


A car’s insurance is determined by the IDV, or Insured Declared Value. This is the most the insurance provider will pay out in the event of a total loss claim.

When the policy is renewed, the IDV calculation includes depreciation as well as the market price.


Myth: Insurance only pays for accidents in which the insured is not to blame


As long as the insured has a valid driver’s license, the insurance company will cover any claims. All insurance claims are rejected if an accident occurs while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

If a claim does not comply with the terms and conditions of the insurance policy, it will be denied. A claim for a private car that was damaged while being utilized for commercial purposes is an example.

This claim will be denied because a personal car cannot be used for business reasons.


Myth: The claim settlement process is time-consuming


Claim settlement is a simple task. There is no need to pay for any damage if the car is fixed at a network garage, save for the parts that are not covered. It is simple to submit a claim on our website. If you live in a metropolis, we also provide three-day repairs. MGS Insurance features a well-designed claim settlement process that prioritizes the insured’s convenience.


Myth: The insurance company pays for the costs


This isn’t always the case since if you go to a network garage, your claim will be settled without you having to pay anything and the insurance company will cover the repair costs.


Final Thoughts

Before purchasing comprehensive automobile insurance, it is critical to understand what it entails. There are numerous fallacies that cause harm and lead to uninformed judgments on the part of the insured.

Understanding insurance is straightforward, so there’s no reason to go without complete coverage to keep your mind at ease.