When it comes to their four-wheeler, car owners want the best. Nobody wants to settle for anything less than perfect, even if it means spending more money.

When it comes to ensuring the automobile, this scenario frequently turns on its head. When it comes to purchasing car insurance, cost-effectiveness takes precedence over features. Is it, however, good? Not at all.

When it comes to purchasing a car insurance coverage, many first-time automobile owners follow the advice of their car dealer. In such instances, car owners do not need to go over the terms of their car insurance policy, invest time and effort in determining the insurer’s credibility, and so on.

The auto dealer puts things on a plate for them. Is it, however, beneficial? Not really, to be honest. Read on to learn about the disadvantages of purchasing insurance from your car dealer.


Huge Drawbacks

The main downsides of buying a car insurance policy from your car dealer are listed below. Please keep in mind that these are general guidelines. To make an informed decision, it is recommended that you have a one-on-one conversation with your auto dealer.



The majority of vehicle dealerships have a relationship with an insurance carrier. As a result, they become inflexible. There is no room for maneuver on your part when it comes to selecting an insurer.

You may have a favorite insurer, but you will have to go with the one recommended by the vehicle dealer because they have a pre-arranged contract for selling insurance plans for cars purchased through the dealership.


Fixed Cover

You do not get to choose the contents of your cover due to a lack of comparability and flexibility. When it comes to four-wheeler insurance coverage, car dealers frequently give fixed protection.

For instance, the dealer may offer a Comprehensive plan with numerous extra features, but you may only require a basic Comprehensive plan. You will end up paying a premium for a policy that you do not require.


There are no policy comparisons

Nowadays, automobile insurance prices may be easily compared online. After comparing, you’ll know which coverage is the most affordable.

You may find your ideal policy online by narrowing down the coverage you require and then comparing which insurers are providing the coverage at the most competitive rates.

When you purchase vehicle insurance from a dealership, you are unable to compare coverage. All you have to do now is accept the car dealer’s offer.


Traditional and digital-first insurance

If you go with the auto dealer’s insurance, you’ll miss out on the benefits of buying car insurance online from digital-first insurers.

Here are some of the benefits of obtaining auto insurance from a digital insurer and traditional insurer:

  • Choosing a cover that you like
  • Making a decision without being swayed by a third party
  • Low-cost policies that don’t skimp on coverage
  • The service quotient has been improved.
  • Effortless claim resolution
  • There is no paperwork/
  • Purchase a policy quickly (within two minutes)
  • Before buying vehicle insurance online, compare coverage


Specific Add-ons

The issue of a fixed cover extends to the available Add-ons as well. Regardless of your needs, you may not be offered a whole range of Add-ons or specific Add-ons as a package. As a result, there is insufficient coverage.


Additional Disadvantages

  • Specific insurance firms will have agreements with the car dealer. Only these companies’ insurance solutions will be available for purchase by the customer. The online mode of insurance purchasing, on the other hand, allows the user to choose from a large number of insurance firms that provide comprehensive coverage.
  • It’s possible that the insurance offered by the car dealer isn’t the greatest. As a result, while customers may save time by purchasing this item, they may not save money. On a commission basis, car dealers engage with insurance carriers. As a result, the consumer may be obliged to pay more rates than if the insurance were obtained in another manner.
  • When you buy auto insurance from a dealer, you don’t have the option to compare plans from different insurers. In fact, this is a critical stage in the process of selecting insurance coverage.
  • Dealerships may put optional excesses or add-on coverage in your auto insurance policy without mentioning it. Before signing on the dotted line, you should be aware and carefully examine the policy coverage. If your policy’s voluntary excess is substantial, you’ll have to pay a significant portion of the claim amount. Having add-on coverage that you don’t need will merely increase your rate without providing any further benefits.


Make an informed decision

If you haven’t yet purchased the auto insurance recommended by your dealer, take some time to evaluate your needs and see if the dealer can meet them. If the dealer is unable to provide the insurance coverage you require, you may purchase it online.

You have the opportunity to choose a different plan at the time of policy renewal if you have previously purchased the insurance from your auto dealer. Don’t forget to renew your auto insurance coverage on time. A policy that has expired is inactive, and an inactive policy is useless.