“Sa Pag-iwas sa Sunog, Hindi Ka Nag-iisa”


March was designated as Fire Prevention Month by Presidential Proclamation No. 115-A due to the concerning rise in fire occurrences that occur nationwide during this time of year.

The Bureau of Fire Protection will serve as the focal point for all Fire Prevention Month activities, encouraging people to take fire safety seriously at home through the introduction of creative programs and activities. The Bureau is a government agency tasked with preventing and extinguishing destructive fires of all kinds, looking into their causes, enforcing laws related to fire safety, and providing emergency medical and rescue services.

The theme for this year is “Sa Pag-iwas sa Sunog, Hindi Ka Nag-iisa,” which emphasizes the need of cooperation and togetherness in creating communities that are resilient to fire and other disasters.

In order to prevent fire occurrences, community stakeholders’ cooperation and public awareness-building are crucial, according to Fire Senior Inspector Zardoz V. Abela, the acting provincial fire marshal of the Bureau of Fire Protection in Biliran.

The first of the many scheduled events for the month-long celebration of Fire Prevention Month was Abela’s call at the Kapihan sa PIA Biliran on March 1. In order to increase the number of high-risk, fire-prone barangays in the province and bolster their Oplan Ligtas na Pamayanan (OLP) program, he hopes to improve the barangays’ capacity for fire prevention.

In order to prevent grass fires, he also provided some safety advice to reduce the number of fire accidents. These included eliminating octopus connections, inspecting electrical wiring every three to four years, and refraining from tossing lit cigarette stubs in dried leaves in open fields.

This month, the BFP will work with the community to carry out capacity-building exercises like revalidation and a revisit of previously identified barangays with fire hazards, community fire protection planning, barangay fire drills, and simulations in barangays targeted by OLP and red zone areas of the province.

The province’s fire olympics, symposia or fora, the “BIDA KA” fire square roadshow, the most entertaining fire prevention reels contest, open house visits of all the fire stations for students, and other corporate social responsibility initiatives are all planned. The province of BSP is dedicated to participating in many community cooperation activities, like holding fire drill simulations in high-density spaces like offices, schools, and other public buildings.

For the KAISA initiative, they also got in touch with and kept an eye on their partner stakeholders, which included government agencies, commercial businesses, and educational institutions. The goal of this modified approach to fire safety awareness is to encourage active engagement from all societal segments.

In a Nutshell

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