Hatchback Car
In this article, we will be focusing on hatchback cars. These vehicles have a good load-bearing capacity and can comfortably transport passengers.

A hatchback may be recognized with the help of its peculiar features such as a hatch-type rear door that opens vertically, lower size, five doors (including the rear hatch), and decreased number of pillars (A, B, and C pillars).

Hatchback automobiles first appeared in the 1960s and quickly became popular in the 1970s. A hatchback dubbed ‘Countryman’ created by The British Motor Corporation is believed to be one of the very first of its kind.

However, modern cars have evolved and are not similar to this generation of hatchbacks.

Hatchbacks are often dismissed as impractical. However, these are folks who are unaware of the numerous advantages that hatchbacks provide. Here are some reasons why you should buy a hatchback.


Reasons to buy a hatchback car include:


Compact design

Hatchback automobiles offer spaciousness and convenience over expensive sedans. They give the convenience of driving in tiny locations where a normal car or SUV may not fit. For example, driving a hatchback on a traffic-laden road is easier as opposed to driving larger models of other sorts of cars.


Low maintenance cost

Different countries serve as a huge market for hatchback vehicles.

This is one of the primary aspects that contributed to the maintenance cost being cheaper as compared to other types of cars. The availability of spare parts is high when it comes to Indian automobile manufacturers.

This not only speeds up the repair/replacement procedure but also lowers the end cost.


Basic controls

Learning to drive a hatchback automobile is easier than learning to drive a sedan or SUV. Sedans may have intricate machineries like additional gears or complicated control panels.

This is not the case with a hatchback. These automobiles comprise some of the most basic models.

As a result, they are thought to be the finest for inexperienced drivers. If you have a learning driver in your family, you can consider buying a hatchback rather than choosing other sorts of cars.


Improved trunk space

As mentioned before, a hatchback is capable of carrying a good amount of cargo as well as passengers. For this purpose, you will have ample trunk space in your hatchback.

This makes it an ideal choice for small families, singles, and those traveling alone and carrying. Nowadays, people prefer to switch the fuel in their cars to CNG because of its affordable price.

The CNG kit mainly consists of a large cylinder filled with CNG fuel and control options. Hatchback Service Advanced Trunk Space



Parallel parking is a skill that many individuals have yet to master. Due to their tiny dimensions and restricted overhangs, hatchbacks make jobs like this simple.

Imagine doing it in a car that extends far ahead and behind you like a saloon or SUV.



Hatchbacks are cheap to buy, and they’re cheap to fix. Because of this, they are inexpensive to insure. Insurance will be more expensive if you purchase a more expensive car.



In Europe, a hatchback is less expensive than a sedan or SUV. We have a wide range of options, including the Maruti Alto, Maruti Wagon R, Tata Tiago, Hyundai Santro, and many others. As indicated previously, their maintenance cost is extremely inexpensive.

Thus, a hatchback is a full bundle comprising beneficial features and inexpensive cost. Premium hatchback variants are available for those who want extra features.

The aforesaid features make hatchback automobiles a popular choice in the Indian market.


Additional Pros and cons


  • Higher resale value
  • A shorter hood makes sedans easier to transport for learners
  • Better fuel economy than sedans

Cons score:

  • Hatchback cars in general lack engine power compared to sedans


Purchasing hatchback car insurance

Going online/offline is one of the smart ways to get a new car insurance policy for your hatchback automobile. When you get vehicle insurance online, you will not only obtain the greatest cost, but also the most appropriate policy.

If you acquire a new car, you will need to get new car insurance coverage.

Buying car insurance online also offers the advantage of car insurance comparison. With the aid of vehicle insurance comparison, you can comprehend the different features and services given by various insurance companies.

Remember that obtaining car insurance online allows you to examine your policy’s coverage at each renewal and save even more money on your hatchback automobile.


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