Choose the right comprehensive car insurance

Various kinds of cars are now seen everywhere and are used by many. Most individuals are aspiring or dreaming of owning a car. Those who already have and were able to buy their dream car are just so fortunate. People love to have a car for many reasons. But whatever their reason is, it is best to protect their cars from all sorts of adversities. Many things may happen to a car while using it or even parking it in the garage. That is why it should always be protected. As owners, it is a responsibility to always look after the safety of the car, and surely, that is also one of the things they want to do for their car. Thus, availing of or getting comprehensive motor car insurance is very essential.

Comprehensive motor car insurance covers a wider range of road-related risks and hazards. This is a protection not just to the car, but also to the driver and even passengers. Getting motor car insurance is a must when buying an auto, and that is really great. However, availing of COMPREHENSIVE motor car insurance would be better. Here are some of the reasons why.

Accidents are everywhere and can happen anytime

The number one reason why people buy a car is to make their travel smoother and hassle-free. However, even if you are the best driver in the universe, and you own the best car, you still do not know when and where accidents will happen. You may have either a short or long drive, such bad events can still occur. Moreover, here in the Philippines, you are not the only one who uses cars; many also do. And that is also the reason why there is a higher chance of vehicular accidents in the country.

car accident

With comprehensive motor car insurance, you can protect your car, yourself, and even the people that you are with, in that vehicle when an unanticipated bad thing or event happens. Remember that accidents can happen everywhere at any time, so as a car owner, your car, your passengers, and yourself also have to be protected always.

Covers damages beyond casualties

Comprehensive motor car insurance does not only cover damages caused by accidents. It also provides protection from property damage, bodily injury, natural disaster (e.g. fire), theft, and many more. These are all unforeseen events that may happen to your car, that of course, you would not want to happen. But then, since these are uncontrollable and are not that easy to avoid, you might just want to protect your car if such things happen. Buying comprehensive motor car insurance would be definitely the best bet if you want to keep your car protected, and if you want to have peace of mind, avoiding to crazily think about its condition- if it will be damaged or stolen.

Weather calamities are also covered by this type of motor car insurance. Unpredictable weather occurs often. Heavy rainfall may cause floods, and if this happens, your car may be affected. And this will surely damage your car.

It is very impossible to protect your car with just your bare hands. Especially that these unpredicted risks can not be controlled by just commanding, or even begging. You cannot just sit or even kneel there and say “No” to stop these bad events. These unforeseen circumstances that are beyond our control make this type of motor car insurance cover even more essential. Thus, having your car insured with comprehensive motor car insurance is a very significant decision you should make.

Protection for the drivers

Insurance coverage for protection of drivers

Being hardworking is one of the good characteristics Filipinos have. They are always willing to take any occupation just to have money for their living. Being Grab drivers or working in the Transport Network Vehicle Service (TNVS) is something they truly consider. In the Philippines, these drivers are seen everywhere. And these people mostly use their personal vehicles. As car owners and drivers in this kind of service, they are mandated to get motor car insurance first before they proceed with the job. Aside from it being the protection of the vehicle, the comprehensive insurance policy also covers the driver and its passengers through its Personal Accident insurance cover.

Mandatory for banks and financing

We all know that cars are expensive, and saving money is not easy. In this case, many prefer to have a car via an installment basis, and by this, your car is not yet fully yours and is still a property of your financing. The lender would require you to purchase comprehensive motor car insurance for protection and to avert their investment from total loss.

Dreaming of owning a car absolutely adds excitement to your life, however, buying and/or saving for it is a very hard and long process. That is why, when you get to buy a car, you would do everything to keep it safe. And I bet getting a comprehensive motor car is really a great thing you should consider. Many insurance companies in the Philippines are now offering this kind of service.

MGS General Insurance Agency Services, Inc. is just one of them. This offers comprehensive motor car insurance for you to be protected against loss, damage, and liability. MGS Insurance is guided by its vision and mission to continuously provide excellent service to all its clients. Each employee always carries and shows the corporate values they have.

They should always be honest, are working together as a team, have the quality of cost-consciousness or have a concern for company assets, are competitive, and make sure to be kind to their customers. With these characteristics, they can definitely achieve their greatest goal, and that is to be the company of choice for insurance needs.


To ensure that your car is safe, let it be insured with a trusted insurance company