In the Philippines, coffee has long been a necessity for both workers and students, as well as for visitors who wished to sample Philippine coffee in a setting unlike any other. Coffee shops’ welcoming, homey, mom-and-pop, or open-air atmosphere makes them popular gathering places for single people, groups of friends, students, professionals, and domestic and international tourists of all ages.

We are aware that traveling lightly is fashionable, but coffee is a need. Being a resident coffee addict, getting a daily dose of caffeine is essential to any person’s routine. This truth is unchanged by travel.

One of the worst things encountered while traveling is not having access to quality coffee. Unfortunately, we can stop this from happening. To prevent experiencing travel depression ever again, you might want to think about packing the following items for your upcoming vacation.


Coffee Grinder

Okay, this could raise some debate. Who among us could afford to bring a coffee grinder along with everything else we need to pack?

The solution: Coffee purists who are adamant about using only fresh beans. Manual coffee grinders are the way to go if you fall into this category.


Insulated bottle

This one is probably already in your possession if you tend to take things with you. Paper cups and plastic cups are simply bad for you and the environment. To keep your hot coffee hot and your iced coffee icy everywhere you go, you should have an insulated bottle.


Set of reusable coffee filters

Purchase a set of reusable coffee filters if you enjoy pour-over coffee. The coffee produced with this method is lighter and smoother.

Reusable coffee filter sets are also lighter and easier to pack than French presses. However, it can be a little challenging to find a set of reusable coffee filters in the Philippines.

How to use: Fill the steel cup with coffee grinds. Pour some hot water to help the coffee bloom. After a little delay, apply pressure to the filter. More hot water should be added. The coffee will start to leak, as you’ll see. Wait for the filter set to complete leaking before covering it.


French press

Are you going to a place where the coffee grounds are reputed to be good? Having a French press on hand will prevent you from spending too much money on daily café visits. With a

French press, all you need to do is purchase a bag of ground coffee that will last you the duration of your vacation. If you don’t finish the bag, you can even take the remaining contents home. This can be a wonderful inexpensive gift for your family or coworkers.

How to use: Fill the carafe with coffee grounds before adding hot water. The brew should steep. Push the plunger down after a while. Keep in mind that the brew will be stronger the longer you let it steep.


Reusable straw

A reusable straw is necessary whether you enjoy drinking iced coffee or detest having caffeine discolor your teeth.

Bonus advice: If you intend to sip a hot beverage, choose a glass or stainless steel straw rather than a bamboo one. If you enjoy adding extras to your coffee, get a wider straw. Have a tendency to bite your straw? Avoid using a glass straw since it could harm your teeth.


Instant coffee

Make it your life’s work to find the best instant coffee for you because it is rarely good. It’s not an environmentally friendly choice, though others don’t like it. When all else fails, however, the “instant” pour over, a single-serve pour over that only needs hot water and a mug, is the greatest instant coffee I’ve discovered.

What comes after that? coffee bags for one serving that you steep like tea. Any bag of instant coffee is a go ready signal for travelers.


Espresso Taste Log

We agree that this isn’t a necessity. But we still desire it. Is it correct that the journal gets even better with coupons? But truly, we are open to using any tool to record our coffee experience.


Bonus Tip for Coffee Travellers

From Lipa City in Batangas, where the first coffee beans were introduced by a Spanish Priest in 1800, to the metropolitan areas of Manila, Davao, and Cagayan de Oro, as well as the mountain ranges of Sagada, Benguet, Bukidnon, South Cotabato, and Davao, the Philippines may be a place for coffee lovers to explore and experience its local coffee shops while tasting and smelling the addictive aroma of its signature local coffee.

Coffee is more than simply a fad. Additionally, it is a cultural icon that is recognized all around the world, not just in pop culture. The world’s most popular coffee shops, particularly those in the Philippines, are frequented for a variety of reasons. For some, it has also developed into a comfortable setting to visit with friends and talk.

Start up your trip to the Philippines with sampling the best coffee available on the three main islands and learning about the distinctive flavors of Philippine coffee.


Coffee Shops in the Philippines

  • Kalsada Coffee
  • Figaro
  • Coffee shop Gems in Luzon
  • Cafe de Lipa in Lipa, Batangas
  • Bana’s Coffee (Sagada)
  • Madge Cafe in Iloilo
  • Coffee Culture Roastery (Bacolod)
  • Bukidnon Brew Cafe
  • Palazzo Coffee Shop
  • Kape Umali Coffee Roaster
  • Café Amadeo
  • Blugré Coffee
  • Coffee Break Vigan
  • The Coffee Library



A cup of coffee means a lot to the local growers in the Philippines. You assist their farms while promoting moral and sustainable growing practices and embracing Kape Tayo, the Philippine coffee tradition!

The ultimate form of adoration among Filipinos is Kape Tayo (Let’s have coffee), which is an invitation to share a cup of coffee with you at home, at work, or in a coffee shop so you may have private or meaningful chats.

Additionally, for those who want to spice up their vacation adventures with more lavish ones.