Relocating House

Many Filipinos have been compelled to relocate due to the growing pandemic. Some people relocate to the province in search of cleaner air, while others upgrade from smaller homes. There are also some Filipinos who have purchased land and are now constructing their dream homes.

Could your house be the source of your good fortune and bad luck in life? Despite the fact that the Philippines is predominantly a religious country, many Filipinos believe in traditions.

When it comes to constructing our homes, we go to great lengths to assure our prosperity and safety. Many Filipinos follow customs that stretch back to pre-colonial times in addition to Chinese geomancy or feng shui.

We have maintained these ancestral customs throughout the centuries, from burying cash to counting the steps on our staircase. Take a look at some of the more frequent myths that Filipinos still have when it comes to home construction and selection.

Building a new home and moving into it are both wonderful times in a person’s life. But did you know that when it comes to building or moving into a new home, we Filipinos have a lot of traditions? Here are some things to consider when it’s time to relocate:


When building a new house


Number of stairs

Make sure to examine the number of stairs while building a multi-level home. Using the chant, oro, plata, mata, count the number of steps (gold, silver, death). The superstition holds that the topmost step should not terminate in mata (death), as this will bring bad luck to people who use the stairs. 

Always end the highest step with either oro or plata, but never with 13 steps, as the number 13 is thought to be the devil’s number. Furthermore, stairwells should always turn right. Turning to the right indicates that you are keeping on the moral path, whilst turning to the left indicates that you are abandoning your marriage.


Date of property ownership

In Filipino culture, numbers play an important role. In this situation, the date of ownership of a new property must include the numbers 0, 5, or 8, as these are the lucky numbers that end in an upward stroke. This also indicates real property prosperity.


Strew salt around

In many cultures, salt is seen as a good luck charm as well as a means of warding off evil spirits and negative energies. To keep evil juju from entering or visiting the new dwelling, sprinkle salt in every room.


Old coins should be placed on the doorstep and inside foundation pillars

Bury a few old pennies in the cement on the doorstep before it hardens and dries. This ritual is intended to bring wealth and success to the family who resides in the home or historic building. You can also leave a coin impression on your front door to encourage a continuous flow of wealth.


Padugo or Blood sacrifice 

Padugo is the practice of smearing or pouring pig or chicken blood on the foundation of a house to fend off evil spirits and safeguard it.


House directions

Check which way your new door will face while you’re building a house. A house facing east is thought to bring wealth, but a house facing west is said to bring financial difficulties, quarrels, and death to the occupants.


Plant a fruit-bearing tree in your yard

Planting a fruit-bearing tree in the front yard or garden is thought to bring the property owner happiness.


When relocating to a new home


Check the date of your relocation

Never move into a new residence on Fridays, Saturdays, or rainy days, as these days are said to bring ill luck.


Toss coins for good luck

The custom of sprinkling money in the corners of each room upon moving into a new home is supposed to inspire wealth and prosperity.


Bring rice and salt to the table

Bringing a container full of rice inside the house before bringing anything else in symbolizes the residents never running out of food during their stay in the new home. The ritual also represents giving good fortune and money to the people who live there.


Bring a new broom with you

Always bring a new broom when moving into a new residence and never the old one. This is a symbol of letting go of the negative energy from your former residence or if the past owner dies.


The number six with the new moon

Transferring to a new residence during the new moon should be done no later than six o’clock in the morning. This ensures that good fortune finds its way into your new home.


For nine days, sleep alone

Do not invite pals over for a sleepover when you first move in. Yet. Instead, spend nine days alone in your room. It’s thought that the number of persons who slept the first night should stay the same for the next nine days, or else there will be a death.



Filipino traditions are still observed, believe it or not, no matter where you are in the Philippines. As the new age takes over every element of life, the centuries-old customs will continue to be followed in accordance with property laws.

Whatever era we are in, as long as we can engage, adapt, and welcome changes. We’ll be able to bridge the gap.

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