Blacklist International and MOONTON, the current reigning Mobile Legends World Champions, finally unveiled the Estes M3 Skin during the Blacklist Protocol Event over at the SM Mall of Asia at, August 6, 2022, as MPL 10 heats up.

The support super-healer Estes, a favored character of Johnmar “OhMyV33nus” Villaluna, a former team captain, was essential to Blacklist’s now-famous (in)UBE strategy, which helped them win a number of tournaments.

Due to persistent public pressure and Blacklist’s negotiations with the developer/publisher, we are finally getting the silver-haired elf champion that every aspiring support user has been waiting for. At first, MOONTON was a little hesitant to give Estes the M3 Skin treatment because the hero was seen to have a low usage percentage among the general players.


Before the Exciting Part

Blacklist International was given the chance to select a “signature champion” who would get a skin honoring their achievement as the M3 World Championship winners. After winning M1, EVOS Legends made a notable choice for a skin for Harith, whereas Bren Esports, the first Filipino MLBB world champions, selected a Lancelot skin.

Estes, one of Blacklist International’s signature champions and a regular selection in their drafts since Season 7 of the MLBB Pro League (MPL) Philippines, was selected quickly. Estes is also an essential part of the team’s trademarked UBE, or Ultimate Bonding Experience, approach, which emphasizes working as closely as possible as a unit.

Estes’ Blessing of the Moon Goddess ultimate, which heals numerous teammates nearby and lets his team to either tank through a teamfight or withstand a protracted siege, makes this tactic possible.

Moonton reportedly resisted at first granting Blacklist International’s request for an Estes skin.

Estes’ champion was “not marketable,” according to the team’s star midlaner Johnmar “OhMyV33nus” Villaluna, who stated this during a Facebook broadcast on December 22.

OhMyV33nus remarked, “Moonton will decide, not the players […] It’s already been chosen, it is what it is, and we cannot change it.”

Soon after, a significant portion of the Filipino MLBB community as well as Blacklist International fans took to social media to show their support for the M3 world champions’ selection of a champion to receive their signature skin. This led to the hashtag “WeWantEstes” quickly becoming popular on Facebook and Twitter.

Alodia Gosiengfiao and Tryke “TryQ” Gutierrez, co-founders of Blackllist International and Tier One Entertainment, also contacted Moonton with similar request and tweeted the hashtag “WeWantEstes” on social media.



A skin for the Estes M3 should be given to Blacklist, MOONTON. Estes was chosen as the M3 skin by BL without a single dissenting vote, but Moonton didn’t appear to like the decision.

Instead, they forced BL(BLACKLIST) to select two additional possibilities, and Moonton chose another based on V33’s broadcast. Perhaps due to one factor, marketability?

Estes is the most deserving hero to represent BL as M3 skin, for the following reasons:

  • BAN ESTES OR ELSE… BL ruled in 2021. It all began with the famed hack-a-v33nus strategy, in which the adversary targeted Estes and other V33 heroes with all five bans. Exe invented that in Juicy Legends and discovered it to be successful in their debut game.

However, BL persisted. Try to predict the outcome. In that competition held in the off-season, BL came out on top. Up until Season 7, MSC, 8, MPLI, and M3, it persisted. Giving Estes to Blacklist was essentially a guarantee of a victory for them. With that pricey 1-ban spot going to Estes, BL had more leeway to maneuver in the draft, giving V33’s comrades access to familiar heroes.

  • The infamous Blacklist trademark gameplay, which we refer to as UBE (Ultimate Bonding Experience), where they team up to set up ganks and obtain objectives, was born from the phrase “ESTES IS UBE, UBE IS ESTES.” Estes is at the center of that gameplay. Estes’ skill set is the key concept behind that formation.

Up until V33 brought to light its potential. The remainder is history. This altered the meta. Other parts of the world were inspired by it, most notably Brazil and Indonesia. The tank-meta was destroyed by it. Estes, Rafaela, and Angela earned back the esteem of the professional scene.

  • ESTES MADE OTHER HEROES SHINE – Without batting an eye, we can name Paquito or Harith as the strongest heroes of BL in seasons 7 and 8. Chou and Aldous from seasons 8 and MSC, and Beatrix from seasons 3 and 3, are all good contenders. Who turned these heroes into their terrifying potential is the question.

Supports! If Estes is prohibited, other supporters like Aldous in MSC and Beatrix in M3 will make Harith or Alice almost impossible to kill. Highlights of Oheb, Edward, Hadji, and Wise’s heroes are inseparable from those of V33’s heroes.

  • Both the M1 and M2 skins highlighted the team’s top damage dealers or carriers. ESTES M3 SKIN = SUPPORTS ROLE RESPECT. However, MOBA is much more than just doing damage or racking up kills. It incorporates both small- and large-scale gameplay, kiting and re-engaging, and teamfight sustains.

The wheels that drove those techniques were the unsung heroes who provided support. Giving Estes an M3 skin also shows respect for a certain MOBA role that has long been undervalued.


The Exciting Part

As soon as players participate in and accomplish the requirements, Moonton Games will start a series of in-game events and pre-sale activities that will let them purchase the new Estes skin for as little as 499 diamonds.

From August 18 through August 25, the skin will be available for 629 diamonds, and on August 26, it will return to its usual price of 899 diamonds. On August 16, Blacklist International will host a livestream event where they will talk to fans about the skin and provide prizes to Blacklist Agents.



OhMyV33nus commented on Facebook, “This is not only a milestone we attained, but a major victory for those who struggled, raised their voices, and came together as one for our legacy.” We should definitely celebrate now that we have achieved our goals.

The supporting role is still not given enough credit and appreciation in many facets of life. We still work hard and support the needs and desires of the Filipino people by offering non-life insurance to safeguard assets and liabilities so that they can continue to advance.

Once more, “We are your support.”