A motorbike vehicle is one of the most common modes of transportation in the Philippines. For Filipinos, it is one of the most traditional modes of transportation for getting about Metro Manila. 

Because we all know that Metro Manila is one of the Philippines’ most congested areas. As a result, many Filipinos utilize motorcycles as a mode of transportation to get to and from work and home. 

However, riding a motorcycle might put our lives in danger because it is a dangerous vehicle that is involved in many accidents. Many Filipinos now ride motorcycles in Metro Manila, as motorcycles are one of the most frequent modes of public transit in the Philippines.

In the Philippines, a motorcycle is one of the most popular and practical modes of transportation. Because it is the most convenient and quick mode of transportation, as well as the most cost-effective mode of vehicle maintenance. 

When compared to other modes of transportation, riding a motorcycle has numerous advantages. Furthermore, if there is an advantage to riding a motorcycle, there is also a disadvantage. 

A motorcycle is now used for local public transportation in the Philippines, which is known as “habal-habal,” “angkas,” or “motorcycle taxi.” In terms of the development of public transportation in the Philippines, a motorcycle is currently one of the most popular vehicles, particularly in Metro Manila.

The intense traffic in the Philippines, riding a motorcycle is extremely popular. Many Filipinos, particularly those who work far from home, consider a motorcycle to be essential public transit. 

Because traffic in Metropolitan Manila is currently very stressful and takes a long time to travel from home to work, many Filipinos choose to ride a motorcycle because it is the quickest mode of transportation because it is a small vehicle that can pass through each corner of the street, even the smallest spaces. 

Riding a motorcycle is much less expensive than other public transportation options such as taxis and rental cars. However, riding a motorcycle poses a risk to your life because it is not as safe as other public transportation.


Riding a Motorcycle in the Philippines is Extremely Dangerous

Riding a motorcycle is extremely risky, and your life could be put in jeopardy. This type of vehicle is not safe for people to travel in or even operate since minor things happen with two-wheeled vehicles, and if you make a mistake while driving, your life will be cut short or your body will be hurt. 

Many people in the Philippines ride motorcycles since it is a handy mode of transportation for them, but many don’t consider the dangers that a motorcycle can pose to their lives. It is the most unsafe and risky mode of transportation that is now the most popular and practical for Filipino commuters.

The majority of accidents in the Philippines are caused by motorcycles, and almost all of the motorcycle drivers have died in the accident; some are still alive, but their bodies have been severely harmed. This is the reason for both motorcycle drivers and passengers. 

If you ride a motorcycle or are a passenger on one, you should be aware that your life is in danger. When driving a motorbike, you must acquire good technique, be self-disciplined, and have self-control over your temper. Riding a motorcycle requires a great deal of patience and confidence in order to safeguard you from all other road users.

For Filipinos, riding a motorcycle carries a great deal of risk. A large number of Filipino riders die in traffic accidents each year, and the number continues to rise.


Some of the Factors That Contribute to a Motorcycle Accident

  • Driving when inebriated
  • Dangerous driving
  • Driving a motorcycle is unbalanced.
  • Changing lanes without the necessary repercussions
  • There are a few roads that aren’t well-kept and lack signs.
  • Motorcycle maintenance that isn’t up to par
  • When driving, not wearing the required protection or gear
  • A road accident is one of the causes.
  • Some drivers lack the necessary skills and understanding to operate a motorcycle.
  • Some also contribute to unfavorable weather conditions.
  • Large cars may be the cause of some accidents.


Motorcycles vs. Cars in terms of their uses

When compared to a car, a motorcycle is less expensive and easier to purchase fresh. However, it is safer to ride in a car than on a motorcycle when it comes to our safety. 

Because riding a motorbike is more risky than driving a car, over a million people have died as a result of motorcycle accidents. However, in a car accident, the airbag and body of the car will protect the passenger before the passenger is completely damaged. 

Even if a motorbike driver wears a helmet, the collision is quite close to them because the vehicle is so small, and not every driver of a large car sees them when they pass by on the street. When it comes to usage and consumption, the use and consumption of a car and a motorcycle are vastly different.

Although cars are safer to operate than motorcycles, many Filipinos still prefer to ride a motorcycle for their everyday activities rather than utilize a car. Even though they are aware that riding a motorcycle is not particularly safe for their lives, they enjoy riding it because it allows them to go to work or home quickly. 

This is due to the fact that a motorcycle is faster than a car. Cars cannot travel rapidly on the street, especially in Metro Manila, due to the tremendous traffic, but a motorcycle may simply split the lane because they are such small and insignificant objects in comparison to cars.

A motorcycle, on the other hand, cannot transport large items on a trip, unlike a car, which has greater space for the items you need to bring. Also, when driving a motorcycle, you must wear a helmet and your hairdo may be a little unkempt, whereas when driving a car, you must maintain a good appearance even if your journey takes a long time due to traffic.


Why is a Motorcycle Visible More Than a Car?

  • A motorcycle is significantly smaller than a car.
  • Other vehicles are slower than a motorcycle.
  • Even if there is traffic, a motorcycle can travel side by side around the cars on the road.
  • A motorcycle does not require a lot of room and cannot take up the entire lane.
  • When the weather is poor and the rain comes, your body will become wet and you will feel extremely awful if you drive a motorcycle, while if you drive a car, you will have a cover when the rain comes and you will still look fine in any adverse weather situation you may meet.

In the Philippines, riding a motorcycle is highly popular, and virtually all Filipinos own one. This is because we all know that traffic in Metro Manila is extremely congested, and traveling from home to anywhere you want to go might take a long time. However, we all know that riding a motorcycle is much riskier than driving a car.