Popular Dog Breeds Among Young People

A dog can require a significant commitment, particularly if you are a young pet owner. We look at breeds that require less upkeep and are ideal for younger owners of all types.

Dogs can aid adolescents and young adults in overcoming emotions of estrangement, according to studies. When it is difficult to deal with everyone and everything, they offer solace and company.

Not all dogs, meanwhile, are simple for younger owners to handle. In fact, certain dog breeds might exacerbate anxiety and stress. How so? Some dog breeds are by nature quite excitable or boisterous. Others require a lot of maintenance.

Many breeds and combinations are preferred by young people for this very reason. We’ll discuss these breeds in this piece along with the factors that make kids adore them.


First-time pet owner


Labrador Retriever

Outside activity but interior inactivity? That’s just one of the many reasons a traditional Lab is popular with younger people. They are often well-behaved, love to please their owners, and are therefore quite trainable. They are frequently employed as therapy dogs for a reason, though!

A tired dog is a happy dog, so if you plan to adopt one of these adorable puppies, make sure you have adequate space to exercise them.


Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is a vivacious and amiable breed that makes a wonderful companion and house pet. Their long, luscious coat can be kept in a “puppy cut” to make upkeep easier, and they don’t need much activity.



Whippets enjoy running, but they generally make wonderful house dogs. They frequently spend the most of the day snoozing while lounging in the living room at home. 

Their natural attachment to people makes them happiest when kept as house pets. The breed gets along nicely with people and well-behaved kids!


Apartment dweller


Welsh Corgi

Young folks who are socially and digitally active should consider Welsh Corgis. These dogs have huge ears, a small body, and hairy neck and bellies, making them incredibly cute and photogenic.

You won’t have any trouble taking them out with you in public settings because they are outgoing and tend to bark less. You can count on these pets to keep you company even at home.

Corgis are also petite in stature. They are therefore adaptable to compact living spaces, such as apartments, and require less care. Be warned that, in comparison to other dog breeds, they have a lifetime of 12 to 15 years.



Pugs are not extremely inquisitive or independent. They are known for being fun, cute, and kind. They adore cuddling and snuggling with their owners.

Due to their “happy-go-lucky” disposition, having a pug around will prevent you from feeling isolated or excluded. Pugs do not disobey commands like some other dog breeds do.

Pugs are often well-behaved and intelligent enough to pick up tricks. Additionally, because of their short muzzles and stocky legs, they require less exercise, which makes them ideal pets for apartments.



Poodles are a charming, well-behaved breed that is intelligent and very trainable. Usually, this breed is regarded as “hypoallergenic”. They don’t shed much and have a pleasant scent, but you will need to keep up a regular grooming routine to avoid matted fur. They tend to be sociable with children and strangers and enjoy regular lengthy walks to burn off energy.

No matter what kind of dog you bring home, it’s crucial to train them. If not, they could start barking excessively and show signs of reactivity or separation anxiety.


Active athlete


Mix of Jack Russell and Blue Heeler

It is said that Jack Russell Blue Heeler Mixes are ten times more protective than German Shepherds.

These dogs grow to feel very attached to and responsible for their family and house. so that if they see an intruder, they can defend you.

That is not to say that Jack Russell Blue Heeler Mixes are hostile to your visitors, though. You’ll typically find them to be engaging and attentive if they have had good socialization. They will if you overlook something strange. They are dependable when it comes to security. These dogs are well-liked by young people who live alone precisely because of this reason.

Jack Russell Blue Heeler mixes are very fun and active in addition to becoming guard dogs. First-time dog owners searching for a running partner should look no further because they do need plenty of attention and stimulation each day.


Short-haired German Pointer

The German Shorthaired Pointer is a highly clever, active dog that was designed for long-distance outdoor work. They are versatile hunting canines that can capture prey on land or in water. 

They are perfectly suited to become the ideal active companion for the athletic owner because of their history. The breed benefits greatly from jogging and other endurance sports. They make excellent training partners since they are amiable and eager to please.


Border Collie

The Border Collie is still widely used as a herding and general-purpose farm dog, making it one of the most adaptable working dogs. They also do exceptionally well in canine sports like agility and obedience. 

Due to their intelligence and vigor, Border Collies are a favorite breed among performance trainers. However, they also make excellent active companions for anyone searching for a dog that can keep up during any endurance training. Despite needing a task to complete, this breed is highly affectionate with its owner.

Saint Bernard

One of the few huge breed canines that young people like is Saint Bernard. These canines can be a little challenging to care for physically. However, they make great pets for reserved young people.

Saint Bernard has a delicate, beautiful demeanor. They barely engage in any play. Other than that, they enjoy spending some time alone and going on their own adventures. They are also known to be rather simple to train.


Always keep in mind that the secret is to choose a dog breed that complements your character and way of life. The conduct and personality of a pet cannot be predicted with confidence by a breed temperament list because these characteristics are very idiosyncratic and depend on good socialization and training. 

Some breeds, nevertheless, have a better reputation with new owners. Additionally, remember to insure your pet as a way to show your dog that you care about and appreciate him by protecting him from unplanned situations.

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