Exercise is crucial to the health of our closest friends, and we want them to be happy and healthy. It keeps our dogs mentally active, at a healthy weight, and happier. Many of us, meanwhile, reside in apartments, modest homes without yards, or perhaps in a neighborhood without security fencing. 

For instance, it may be challenging to provide your dog with the necessary exercise if you live in an apartment. We have therefore developed advice and goods to help meet those mobility requirements for canine indoor exercise.

Simple (and cost-free) suggestions for indoor dog exercise

Use the stairs

They can be a helpful tool if you have carpeted stairs that don’t often cause slippage. Place a person at the top and a different one at the bottom. To get your dog to run between you two, fling a ball up and down. They’ll snooze like babies.

Hide and Seek

Sometimes it takes some effort to get the hang of this game, but eventually, your dog will learn to adore the thrilling game of hunting while searching for the person they love the most. Keep hiding places basic initially to prevent them from giving up.

Create a challenging course

A course with interesting obstacles can be built in a small amount of space. Create a route loaded with hard-to-find delights using boxes, clothing bins, and furniture. Dogs will enjoy leaping over different objects in search of a nice treat.

Go old fashioned

Grab a toy and engage in some play. Run the item around you in circles, engage in some tug-of-war, and don’t forget to let them succeed in snatching their prize for the occasional victory chew. When it comes to allowing your puppy to exercise indoors, you don’t need to get too creative.


The Go Pet-Friendly blog featured our all-time favorite concept, which was simply too amazing to leave off the list. The majority of the time, dogs enjoy leaping into the air to catch something like bubbles! Always make careful to create bubbles with natural, non-toxic substances. Make sure to promote popping them rather than eating them.


Find a dog park in your neighborhood or arrange a playdate for your dog at the home of a friend (if they have a wonderful yard). You might not have a fenced-in yard, but your neighboring streets are undoubtedly excellent. So purchase a good leash, and get moving!

Try out The Shell Game

Two cups, a few extra-smelly sweets, and the shell game are required. As you place the treat under one of the two cups, show the dog the goodie.

Ask your dog to discover the treat after moving the cups around a couple of times. Most dogs will tip the cup containing the treat over.

Make the game harder as your dog becomes more adept at it. You can move the cups around for longer, choose a treat that has a softer scent, or add a third cup.

Engage in nose-work games

At our neighborhood SPCA, Honey and I took a session on how to play games that include the nose. After that, anytime we were stranded on the boat in inclement weather, we turned to nose work.

When Honey overheard me say, “Find it,” she immediately began searching the boat for the treats I had hid there. The best way we found to exhaust her was by using her nose!

The “Find It” command requires training so that your dog knows what you want her to perform. Nose work is a fun method to exhaust your dog wherever you are, so it’s worth the effort.

Give Your Dog A Stimulating Chew Toy

Honey adored cuddly, plush animals that squeaked. However, a delightful alternative was a crinkly water bottle tucked inside an old sock that had been knotted in a knot. Additionally, it shows you how to use the unpaired socks that you take out of the dryer.

For some reason, the sound of a crinkly water bottle makes the majority of dogs go nuts. And the constant crushing is a fantastic way to exhaust your dog.

Product ideas to help you walk your dog in a small environment

  • Canine treadmill. Though expensive, dog treadmills could be an excellent investment for your baby’s health, especially if you have limited space indoors. Just make sure you first speak with a veterinarian, start out slowly, and give your dog breaks frequently to avoid tiredness. Never make them use the treadmill for running or walking.
  • Play or practice pen. All dog owners should have an exercise pen because it is so useful. They are excellent for temporary containment, particularly if trying to maintain their nightly box as a “happy place”. However, a sizable pen may expand, providing a sizable area for play. Place it outside and enter as well. You can play with your dog for hours.
  • Interactive toys. Many excellent dog toys that demand thought and effort are available, ranging from puzzle mats to ball launchers. There are many different textures and sounds to discover, some of which even let you conceal rewards.
  • Chew on stuffed toys. Although chew toys don’t use as many muscles, they do burn some energy. It’s still a fantastic activity that supports strong teeth. Like rawhide, yak milk chews don’t splinter into sharp, thorny pieces. When giving your pet a chew, always keep an eye on them.
  • Kong toys. The greatest toys for dogs of all sizes are these durable, multipurpose items. At least 20 minutes of interesting fun can be had from ones that can be filled with food (the Stuff a Ball is especially fantastic with peanut butter). Puppies will paw, push, and nuzzle the niblets relentlessly, which can be exhausting work.



You need not worry if you are a minimalist pet owner and enjoy living in compact quarters; you can still make it friendly for your dog. Sometimes thinking outside the box results in even more thrilling adventures! You might even think of some clever ways to fit in exercise on your own.  

Although most pets can safely use the exercises and items indicated in the article, older animals, those with limited mobility, and those with pre-existing injuries and ailments may not. 

We advise seeking advice from a veterinarian first. Also, use moderation in everything. Additionally, don’t forget to purchase a reliable pet insurance plan. During playtime, even the most mobile puppies can sustain injuries, and no one wants to be saddled with an expensive emergency care cost.