You may also find masterpieces like Porsche, BMW, and Mercedes in the Philippine market. All of these are magnificent pieces of art in their own right. They defy the limits of speed, comfort, technology, and, most importantly, imagination. Is this, however, sufficient?

Change is the only constant for our unsatisfied human brains! Time and time again, something fresh should be brought to the table.

As a result, we alter our living and working environments, as well as the items we own, particularly our vehicles and bicycles. So, let’s have a look at how some ordinary automobiles were transformed into vicious creatures.


Steering Box

This is very useful for vintage vehicles with a large steering wheel. You may gain tighter turns and more control by altering the ratio of your steering box.

You may need to acquire a smaller steering wheel, but the handling will be so different that you’ll think it’s a completely different vehicle. Please, if you acquire a steering wheel without an airbag, make sure it has a 5-point harness to keep you alive, as they say.


Roll Cage

This is only for dedicated off-roaders or track rats who are willing to risk rolling their vehicle. You’ll be a laughingstock if you get it solely to look badass.

You’ll be a corpse if you don’t put it on when you need it.



A winch should be on the vehicle of everyone who enjoys life off the beaten path. It’s not just for getting your vehicle out of trouble; it’s also for saving lives.

Similarly, if you live in a snowy area where automobiles can litter the ditch on slippery days, possessing this can make you the hero of the community.


Upgraded Brakes

Believe it or not, good brakes allow you to travel faster. The tighter your braking game is, the fewer brakes you’ll need to apply, and the more time you’ll have to put the pedal down.

You’ll corner faster and spend less time slowing down, cutting time off your laps.


Sway Bars

Sway bars and anti-roll cages strengthen a car’s torsional rigidity by efficiently linking the corners to one another, making the vehicle more maneuverable and less shifty. Get them for both the front and back of your car, and keep to one brand so there’s no contrast between the two.

With this minor modification, you’ll notice a significant improvement in turning and feel more in control around every corner.



Find and get the greatest tires you can afford. Whatever else you do to customize or customize your vehicle, a good set of tires can improve your traction, allowing you to drive faster. A noisy waste of time is a huge engine with no grip.


Aftermarket Seats

If you don’t want to use a 5-point harness, purchase a great seat that is both comfortable and attractive. You’ll thank your back, hips, legs, knees, and that luscious ass.


Tune Your Suspension

This does not imply lowering a vehicle to a ridiculously low height. It entails altering the seating position of your vehicle to better suit your needs.

If you want a sedan to become a runner or a speed demon to gain some lift, you can do it by changing the suspension.


Custom Upholstery

Being good on the inside is preferable to being good on the exterior. Even if your car doesn’t attract admiring glances, inviting a date into a comfortable interior demonstrates that you have depth and taste in areas that matter, rather than surface dazzle that doesn’t.


Performance Exhaust

You want to remove as much wasted air and poisonous gasses out of your car as possible so that you can put more power into it. To do so, you’ll need to install headers or bespoke pipes to keep the vehicle clean.

A decent sound, not one that just rattles the windows, but one that generates a nice rumble/purr when you drive it around the block, is also important.


Short Shifter

A short-throw shifter can assist any manual transmission. When you spend less time shifting, you spend more time in gear. It’s also a lot of fun to change your speeds.


Sound System

This is a car alteration and one that even the most abused of beaters will appreciate. Not everyone can drive a Lamborghini, but with a nice deck and a pair of quality component speakers, most people can show off a little.

This does not imply a ludicrous colon-shaking sub, but rather anything that enhances the sound of your music.


Lighten Up

This is straightforward. Cars that are lighter travel faster. Cars that are lighter have a better grip on the road. Cars that are lighter have tighter corners.

Cars that are lighter save money on gas. So, chop off your hood, roof, and any spare doors and replace them with more airy components.


Cold Air Intake

A cone air intake gets more oxygen inside the engine, leading to increased horsepower and a nicer burn during the combustion cycle. It’s probably the cheapest option to get more power and fuel economy out of your car.

As a result, you’ll spend less petrol, have more horsepower, and have a better overall driving experience.


Better Bushings

Learn about bushings because these small rubber bits can make a big difference in how your suspension rides. Replace all of the rubber in your system with polyurethane for a smoother, softer ride that won’t break down as quickly, giving you a more comfortable ride.


What effect do modifications have on car insurance?

Car modifications that improve the look and features of your vehicle raise the risk of insuring it. It’s more vulnerable to theft and vandalism. Aside from the overall risk, your insurance may charge you more if you have customized car parts such as the engine and mechanics, bodywork, interior, brakes and suspension, paintwork, or wheels.

You must also be proactive in telling your insurance about the changes. If you don’t, your claim will be denied if the vehicle is damaged. With each alteration, the cost of your auto insurance policy will rise.


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